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yucky eye!

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My 1.5 year old cat has some brown stuff coming out of his right eye (doesn't come out of his left for some reason). He's had this for a long time, ever since I've had him, but the amount has increased in the past month. It crusts up every once in a while. Should I try to wipe it off? Should I leave it alone?

Thanks for your help!
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What does your veterinarian think you should do?
Eye problems are nothing to fool around with. Besides being painful they can really run into serious money if neglected.

That crust is very irritating to the skin. So first- go right now and call your veterinarian and make an appointment. Then use a warm water washcloth to very gently soak off the crud.
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My persian kitty Crystal has eye allergies and the the watery discharge does turn brown. My vet said to keep her eyes wiped with a warm damp cloth.

But get your kitty checked to make sure it's not an infection of some sort.
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I agree- get your kitty to the vet to rule out any infection or disease first, then he can advise you on how to clean off the brown stuff.
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