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The cuteness warning on those pics wasn't big enough!!!!
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Hope things are going well?
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On all fronts the kittens are doing well. They are together and playing, eating, a few are missing the litterpan, but that is to be expected at this young age. Mike has fallen in love with Everest, so it looks like our crew will expand by two. We sat down and had a long talk about adding more kittens to the house, but the cat enclosure makes it a bit easier because of the added room and levels the cats can seek to get away from each other. The knife business is doing well as is the writing end of things, so vet bills won't be an issue.

Mike doesn't like the name Paticka so we have settled on Taylor for the tiny one. So right now we have Rocky, Waverly, Taylor, Everest, and Owen. With Taylor and Everest staying here.
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Such a great story They are darling..Best of luck
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More pics! I don't think that a cuteness warning will work with these - it's too much cute for any warning to cover. (Commentary by Mary Anne )

I seriously cannot believe we have only had these kittens three days! It seems like a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: week!

The smudge on the lens is courtesy of Princess Lei- a puppy tongue has to explore everything!

Rocky and Owen on the top- Everest (a keeper) below

This is Taylor (Patricka) look at the life in those eyes now!

Couldn't a suitable Pat name for this one- but she is looking quite good Thank God
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arrrgh they are all gourgous especially patrick
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Awwww... Taylor is so cute. I'm going to have to get used to that name though. Your husband didn't like Patricia or Patty?
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All I can say is
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I think Taylor and the gang are all adorable. It is beyond me how anyone could turn such precious little lives out to fend for themselves. I'm glad they found you MA.

I'd love to also see a picture of Princess Lei. Is she a little German Shepard?
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The pictures are all adorable! Prayers and vibes!
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Hiedi has a photo of Lei, maybe she will share? Hubby has promised to fix my photo program tomorrow-
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I'm always amazed how you perform miracles. Little Taylor is definitely an easy one to fall in love with.
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Originally Posted by hissy
Hiedi has a photo of Lei, maybe she will share? Hubby has promised to fix my photo program tomorrow-
Here she is! Ain't she adorable too?

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Thanks Heidi- at this stage in her life "adorable" isn't the right word for her yet!
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Princes Lei....you are a sweetie pie.
Everest and Taylor are two very lucky kitties....perfect.
Thanks for the good news update about how you and Mike are doing MA.
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Thanks for posting Princess Lei's Picture. She is adorble looking. I know German Shepard pups are VERY distructive, but they're so cute when they are doing something naughty.
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Oh my goodness Princess Lei and Everest are so cute!
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Those kittens are just to sweet, I can't get over how cute they are...
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Too much cuteness! How is princess Lei getting on with the kitties??
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Cuteness overload! My God, they are sweet Glad they're also doing well.
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It's great seeing how much better Taylor looks...it's amazing! Those kittens are beyond cute!
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More cute stuff coming

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Originally Posted by hissy
More cute stuff coming

All I can say is...I'm really glad I don't live near you. I'd be raiding those kittens for sure!
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Oooooooooh look at those little dumplings!
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Too...much...cute....Must...try...to resist...

I want to put Patricka...er...I mean Taylor, right in my pocket!
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What a gorgeous brood!

They are so adorable, and so close knit!

I will still be sending prayers of health and happiness to all the little furbabies.

Good Luck with your endeavour, and may all your kitty days be purrrrr-fect!!
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Holy Mackerel! Look at that wonderful jumble of kittens!
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Pile 'o kitties & one.

The babies are cute as can be. :
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Can you imagine us all on a trip over at MA's house?. We'd all be fighting to be with the kittens
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Playdate with the big kids- enjoy the kitten's first encounter with the enclosure and the group

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