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That rolled up object over his head is pet screen. I just plop it down and pin it place, and I can see him, he won't fall out and he knows I am close.

It is official, I just "adopted" him. He isn't out of the woods yet, but he is sooo much better than when he arrived. He wouldn't even move yesterday!
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He's just so adorable. I love his tufted ears -- looks like he has some Maine Coon in him.

I'll be saying prayers that he continues to get better.
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Congratulations on the new family member, I hope you have many happy years together.
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Nice to see Prowler again in that one pic with one of the kittens!
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Awww, wow, that is an adorable kitten! I'm sorry that he's not well. But wow, what an incredibly sweet face- it's overwhelming. I just wanto to take them all home, especially him. I know he is very safe in Mary Anne's care. I'm just in love already!
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What gorgeous little bundles of fluff

Patrick gets cuter with every picture! Congratulations on your new addition Prayers being sent.
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I am enjoying all the photos, and hearing that he's improving. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Somebody really oughta shoot me. I just took an "official" look and Patrick is a Patty I do that all the time, look at the face and decide the sex instead of doing it the right way.

Sorry Pat- I will look for another name for her now that will still honor Patrick- It won't be Patty though reminds me to much of food- I don't like naming kittens after food-

Mike wants to call her K2 because she resembles Kabota- but K2 is a mountain! There is one alpha male upstairs that has been on my shoulder three times already. I call him Everest- he loves to be high. All the kittens are doing well. I hope the room holds up to all the activity going on over my head at the moment.
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Maybe you could call her Patricia?

I may be a big dork, but if it were me I'd probably still be calling her Patrick anyway.
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Oh heck I'm still in love with her Well...Patrick's full name was Patrick Henry, but I won't suggest Henrietta (g,d,r)!
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The girl I work with here had a kitten named Patula, and named her Lulu for short!
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You could take the pat off the name, and name her Tricia? thats what I call a lady here at work named Patricia
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What absolute darlings!!! How fortunate for them all that they landed in your lap, MA! It's no wonder you've fallen in love with "Patrick/Patricia/???" -- those eyes go straight for the soul... Many many vibes and prayers for continued improvement.
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You have filled my heart with joy and laughter today MA.
You sweet little girl looks so cute in her computer cubby.
She is a little doll.
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I know a Patricia, and her nickname it Tish.
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I can't make sense of how cute they are! Healing thoughts and prayers to you tiny kitten!
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"Patrick" looks soo much better!! She has the sweetest little eyes!! I am definately sending vibes her way!!
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Adorable..but pronounced as the French would - AH-door-ab-leh sounds even nicer when you say it that way.
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And here's little Patricka with her sibling. You can see how tiny she is compared to the others.

And just oh-so-adorable! Is anyone here NOT in love with this kitten???
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I'm not- Na ahh, no way, not me, not in a million years! She went to the vet today, she is 14 ounces. I had to plead to get him to agree to worm her. she is lousy with tapes. She got wormed today and is doing a lot better
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Love the photos and the updates. Glad she's doing better
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Wow, that's pretty good - 14 ounces. I'm glad she's doing better, poor girl. I want to see some happiness in those eyes. Maybe she could be "Paprika" - sounds like Patrick...
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Too, too sweet! So glad she's doing better.
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Oh wow. Kinda speechless here.
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Aww!! Bless them! They are too sweet-glad shes doing better.
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She is so adorable...
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Those updated pictures are perfect! That picture of her in her bed with her sibling is so sweet. It's like she knows how special she is

God am i so pleased i love animals because people who don't havent a clue what their missing out on
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Just found this thread now...MA, they are gorgeous!!! So glad Patrick(a) is doing well. Sending good vibes and hugs to you and your crew.
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They are all truly gorgeous.........
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