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Crazy Sleeping Positions

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So both Little Pete and Shorty sleep in the craziest positions sometimes - so adorable. Shorty moreso than Little Pete... here goes...

This one is of Little Pete - his tiny little head craddled in Shorty's paw

This one is Little Pete's sleeping box - he doesn't seem to care that he has outgrown it!

I don't even know how to begin to describe this one

Shorty on the bed. He does this thing where he tugs and tugs at the bed sheets until the mattress is exposed and then he lays himself to sleep - its annoying having to re-tuck the sheets every single night, but he is too cute to stay mad at

Shorty also does not care ONE bit what his head is resting on when he sleeps. Here he is on a book

...and on some disposable cameras

This is Shorty in a ball on the sofa - if you look really close, you'll be able to see that he is sleeping with one eye open - I don't think he was too amused that we woke him up with the flash!

This is him stretched out on the sofa - almost looks like he is smiling - that must be some great dream!

And this is my FAVORITE - without fail, Shorty will always end up, every single night, on my pillow - paw on my head. This is where he sleeps through the night. If I move at night he'll reposition himself and go right back to sleep.

Hope you've enjoyed!
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AWW He is a cutie you too shorty.. I like the paw in your head also...
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Those are adorable and funny! Love the pics!!
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I adore sleeping kitties! How precious!
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Awwww you look at those sleeping cherubs and just wonder how anyone could harm them
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Lovely pictures! How cute they are. Little Pete is totally adorable!
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Here is a few.....

Winter Hawk
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Great sweet! I'm absolutely in love with little pete!!
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Absolutely lovely pictures everyone!! I will add mine as well.

(RIP Gus)

Abby and Lily absolutely *adore* this chair!

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This our favourite boy Byron (RIP ). He loved cuddling up with us:

and loved this pot despite the fact that he was way too big for it!

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Great thread!! Here are my boys:

My little tomato

Shermer on the bed:

The "tower"

At the window (I love this picture!)

Too big for his bed

"What was that scary noise?"

Sorry, that was a ton
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Lovely piccies everyone, i dont have any good ones of my fur babies asleep.

I will try and get some to add to the thread
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Originally Posted by Winter Hawk
Here is a few.....

Winter Hawk

WOW - they're SPOONING So adorable!
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That's what I thought!!!
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