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My kitten not gaining weight!!!

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Angel gave birth early morning on Monday the 5th of June. Today I have been noticing her two kittens have round fat bellies, but the silver kitten is thin and small. Why is she so thin compare to her brother and sister? Should I be worried? Should I feed her kitten formula?

Also I notice when I pick up the kittens they don't cry much, they are quiet not a strong cry. It that normal? I remember last year my two girls each had a litter full of screamers when they were picked up by my husband or I.
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The smaller thinner kitten could have a cleft palate. Please take it to the vet and have it examined. If it does have a cleft palate, it is best to have it put to sleep.
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She seems to search for the nipple and does feed but she does not eat as much as she should. She will search and then giveup and fall asleep. Also if she has a cleft palate does that mean she can't breathe while feeding? She not taking a break every 20 sec to take a breath.

Also she is at the same weight as when she was born, her brother and sister gained 2 ounces. Should I feed her baby formula and see what happens?
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You can give her formula and if the milk bubbles out of her nose you will know that cleft palate is the problem. The milk will get into her lungs and cause her to become very ill. They do not usually survive this defect.
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Ok I will try that and if I do notice there is milk coming out of her nose, I will take it to the vet. If the vet confirms she does have a cleft palate I will put the kitten to sleep. I sure don't want to do that, it is SOOO painful for me to do!
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SHe has not nursed at all.. Even if you help her find the nipple.
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She is nursing but not as often as the other kittens., Often I have being noticing that she can't find the nipple and gives up in frustration.
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I would try to help guide her to the nipple when you go in there, and also supplement her feedings a few times a day, wouldn't think you would have to feed her every time but maybe every 4 hrs or so just to give her a little added extra.
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I have tried to guide her to a nipple but when I do she just brushes pass it and trys to find another nipple. I have also tried to feed from the bottle but she won't take it.
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Are you feeding her with her belly down? Syringe feeding I've heard is easier than bottle feeding. I had trouble with any milk coming out of the nipple with bottle feeding. Also, for some reason, some nipples are more favored. I would let one of the big ones start on one of those for a few minutes, then gently move him over and see if your little one can nurse off that nipple. I've also heard that the nipples toward the rear of the cat are preferred.
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I have tried feeding her belly down with a bottle, she refuse to drink. I have notice she always goes to the 2nd top nipple from the rear. I will try and keep the bigger kittens from getting the little guy's nipple and see what happens. SHe does not seem hungry but she is sure the same size since birth.
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Have you weighed her with an ounce/gram scale? My runt I thought wasn't doing well, but she gained just a little bit each week. And she was the first to open her eyes. Does she cry during/after eating? Does she fall asleep eating? Does she seem as warm as the other ones? I think a drop of Karo syrup on her gums will boost her blood sugar and give her a little energy to eat.
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Anytime you see mom not nursing but with the cats.. Let that baby nurse. Also if they are all laying downa nd asleep you might be able to put that baby to her back nipples. I know here those are the fulliest.
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Yes I have weighed her, since birth she is 3.2 OZ, her sister is now 5.4 OZ and her brother is 5.6 oz. She falls asleep after nursing, which is kinda cute because her mouth is still hanging on to the nipple. Not one kitten goes to the back nipples, I am not sure why. I do know that Angel's (my mom cat) favorite sucking nipple is the back ones. But she has not sucked on herself since the babies were born.
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What was she at birth?
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I will try to hve Angel nurse the small kitten when the others are asleep or something
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