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Panting Cat

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One of my cats, Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds, seems to be panting after short periods of activity. He will streak through the house like his tail is on fire, then stop and pant for a few seconds. Now, its been hot in Ohio for the past few days, but I was just wondering if this was normal. We also are keeping tons of water through out the apartment just incase he needs a drink.
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Sounds normal to me....wanna meet Loki the Fluffer nutter - he does the same thing!
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Sure! My husband says that he's out of shape.
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Loki also does the kind of puffing thru his nose that a bull does before he charges - quite cute!!

...and here he is - quite the nosy fellow -
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Awww... so cute! I can't wait to get my camera fixed so I can post some pictures of my boys.
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Loki is so cute!

My almost 2 year old boys do the panting thing. Vet said it's normal for them after a fast burst of activity. One moment they are both sitting there looking innocent (yeah right!) then they rip off through the house like the hounds of hades are after them. Then sit and pant for a minute or 2 and just do it all over again.
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Basil does the same thing when I used to let him out (not anymore due to crazy people in my neighborhood )

He would run through the bamboo forest, and the second I call him he would run back in like a dog. He would then pant and then whack at the little kittens trying to sniff him.
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If it happens after heavy-duty activity, it's probably normal, but next time he's at the vet have them listen carefully to his heart. Panting without lots of exertion can be a sign of heart problems.
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