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Michgan Meet-Up (For Real!)  

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Here is the date, time and place!
Sunday, July 16th, 2:00pm at (now this date is tenative or I can't go!!!)
BD's Mongolian BBQ
2080 W. Grand River
Okemos, MI 48864 (it's Lansing)

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Let's try to get a head count so I know how many to say when I call in the reservations!
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Me! I'll let you know if I bring B, but otherwise I doubt he's going to come.
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OK... Small hitch.. I now have to work the 16th, would people be really mad if we change the date, then me AND luvmysphynx can still go? I'll write more when I get home, I JUST found out!
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I don't think a trip from GA is going to be in the plans! I wish I could go though!! You will have a blast!!
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Call in sick :claps:

Let's pick a new date and find out! The 23rd or the 30th? Maybe push to August?
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I am good for the 23rd, the hitch is that normally we are closed on Sunday but that week we actually have to take all the stuff and do a show at a place and they just told her today that normally people running it there have like four people cuz they are soo so busy, and she was just going to go by herself. So now I have to both the 15th & 16th.
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You guys are mad at me now huh? Guys... where are you???
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I'm surprised that more Michigan people aren't here...I thought there was a good 20 of us on this site.

Are we not good enough for them????

I did shower this morning!
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You guys pick if you want. Saturdays could work too, right?
I will be a tentative in the summer anyway as we have so much work to do on the weekends. That's what we get for having so many critters!
I do plan on trying my best to be there though, it will be a good time.
Sorry for being so wishy washy but my schedule is hectic in the summer.

(Glad to hear that you showered this morning Jenney! )
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FWIW, moving the date actually works better for me. The
friend I'd like to bring has a class on the 16th, and would have
to do quite a bit of juggling to make it.

The 23rd means no juggling for her, and company on the drive
for me.

Sorry you have to work, Jilly, but this just might be a blessing in
disguise for me.

I, for one, would hate to do this without you, seeing as you're
the spirit (not to mention the sweat equity) behind this.
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Yippie!!! I'll see if a Mod can close this thread maybe and we can start a new one since I can't change the date at the top anymore! BTW I just saw a picture of Lunasmom in the Pictures!Pictures! thread and it's nice to see who we're going to be looking for that day!
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Sorry that I won't be able to make it - the vacation is planned from June 22-July 6, this year. BUT on the bright side, now I can try to beg off going at all, as I am trying to rescue an abused cat & I really don't think that I should leave town at this time..Perhaps we could try again in the fall - I am hoping to get my hubby to reschedule the vacation to then. With the summer heat, the garden & the pets need extra attention IMO.
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Ok, since I couldn't change the date here, here is the new thread.. sorry guys!!!!
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