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Well I went to the Dr for the last blood draw concerning my hCG levels and Got to see my levels from my Friday draw and my Tuesday draw and WOW are they going up like crazy!!!! on Friday I was at 8000 something and on tuesday I was at 23000 something........so YEAH!!!!!!! but won't have offical word from the dr until tomorrow but those numbers give me major hope!!!!!
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Originally Posted by junior67
if you ovulated later then that could be why it puts you being that far "behind". And it is VERY VERY rare to see a heartbeat even with vaginal ultrasound at 5 weeks. most times even at 6 weeks it can't be seen. most will see the heartbeat around 6 1/2 weeks but some may not see it till 8 weeks. if it isn't there by 8 weeks then there is a problem. I don't work in a hospital etc. but have been on infertility boards and went through 3 yrs of infertility and 3 miscarriages so learned quite a bit in my 7 yrs or so on the boards and dealing with it and had WAY too many ultrasounds and blood tests for my lifetime! GL and praying for the best for you!

I understand the ovulating later thing now!! and that I was putting way to much in to exact dates.....all I care about right now is if it's really there....(which I kinda know it is I only say kinda cuz I don't wanna count my chickens before they hatch) that it's growing good!!
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Thats great news!!!
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Originally Posted by JakkieS
Hi ya

First off congratulations! A baby is always a blessing and I sincerely hope this works out great for you.

When I got pregnant last year with my little boy, on the ultrasound it showed that I was only 5 weeks along when according to the doc's calculations I should have been at least 7 weeks. So naturally he told me not to expect too much just in case it turns out to not be viable. So we went through all the blood tests and it doubled as was expected for me being 5 weeks along instead of 7. He did put me on oral progesterone just in case to help and at 7 weeks (lol confusing isn't it?) we finally saw and heard a heartbeat. It turned out that I had ovulated a lot later than he thought I would and I was just very early when I found out.

I admit that I was a "symptom counter" for those first weeks. And I reveled in morning sickness lol because I knew that while my symptoms persisted the little one was still doing what he needed to.

Kenneth says:

jnnmmhe34ggddttggvrx\\.x. / 3cwj

I think he wishes you lots of luck too.

Well since I have been doing alot of reasearch and asking around I am finding out that it's pretty common to ovulate later and and catch it early......which has been a good comfort for me. but the results I got today are much more comforting!!! and the fact that my symtoms have still been hanging around has also been pretty comforting as well.......my first sign of being nauseas i called the Father to be and was all excited telling him that I was sick to my stomach!! all he did was call me a geek laugh and say good!!!

plus the fact that seeing that jumble typing from kenneth made me tear up was also a comforting thing

Thanks for the comfort!!!
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Oh yay! I am so glad to hear that your levels are sooo good!

LOL I love the emotional roller coaster ride, always a super good sign. Don't you just love symptoms?
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Willow--- I put your levels (not exact obviously but the 8000 and23000) into a calculator that figures out how fast they are doubling and they are RIGHT on time! so that is GREAT news!
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Thanks!!! I'm so happy! I just can't wait till I get a real due date now!!
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I bet you are right around 6- 6 1/2 weeks by your levels....... and hope this makes you feel a little better but you won't really see anything on an ultrasound till your levels are around 6000 I believe (around 10,000 for a heartbeat I think it is) and yours were probably closer to 4000 on the 7th since your first bloodtest was on that Fri and they double about every 2 days. you would be able to see somethign now if you had an ultrasound.

this site may give you more answers (from what i have found though their levels are a bit on the higher side)

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Thanks!!!! I'm still waiting for my dr to call with Thursdays test results and to see about my real due date and what not seeing how the first due date I was given was jan 27th and yeah I'm think not if I'm aprox 5 to 6 weeks along......guess we will see!!!! Thank you Junior!!
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I am extremely happy for you! Congratulations It's a wonderful experience.
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Congradulations! I'm soo glad things are starting to look better for you. You've been in my thoughts and prayers this week.
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Well as I was leaving work my Dr called to tell me that my levels are still going up BUT over the 48 hours it only went from 23000 up to 33000. It didn't double like it's supose to. so they are having me come back on Thursday this week to draw more blood. to check um again......but they went up so hopefully they will keep going up!!
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willowsmom----- don't fret about your levels not doubling at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once they hit 6000 they only double every 96 or MORE hours. yours doubled in 92 hrs about so they are still doing as they should! as they get higher the doubling rate slows down. so still sounds right on to me! WONDERFUL NEWS! And GL on Thurs. When will you get another ultrasound? They will be able to see something by now and that will tell more than HCG levels at this point. I would definately ask for another TRANSVAGINAL ultrasound to check that way and see if there is a heartbeat and baby at this point since there should be, that will tell you more than levels at this stage in pregnancy.
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I plan on asking them for one on Thursday.....if not I could always have one my Tech stay late to give me one behind their backs. Just so I have a better peice of mind and to get a more accurate date!! Thank you so much for your help!!! I'm so excited now!!
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Wow, it is very exciting to hear all the updates. It sounds like you are doing well! How very exciting! My hormone levels were low on my last pregnancy, and I needed progesterone supplementation. It scared me at first, until the OB doc said she used it during her pregnancy, too! I'm not sure it that is the same as the Hcg, but I do know you can't assume that just because something is a little off from what the books say is "normal", doesn't always mean bad news!
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HCG and progesterone are different things. There is a wide number variation for HCG to have it "normal" but you want it doubling or it could mean a miscariage or a blighted ovum (sac with no baby in it). with progesterone you want it at least a certain level since if it is too low then your body won't sustain the preg. because you need progesterone to support the pregnancy. And ALOT of people need supplements of progesterone. I was on them with my 2nd daughter but that is because I did IVF to get her.
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Cindy--- Just wanted to say GL with your blood test today and hope you get that ultrasound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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well I went in this Morning and they took more blood and Dr said the fact that I'm getting the starts of morning sickness is a GREAT sign and that she will let me know my results from the blood test on tuesday because she's taking a long weekend but also told me that I could call and ask one of the other nurses if I was really concerned. Then when I asked about wnother u/s she told me that they will order one a month after the first one....but then told me that since I work in that area I could always sneak one in.....that she wouldn't tell. So I'm talk to one of my Techs about it tomorrow see if she wants to squeeze me in and give me one. I'll keep you updated on it!!
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Well it sounds like the news keeps getting better and better! Horray!

I don't think I've been happy about hearing someone have morning sickness before!

Can't wait to hear more good news!
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Yay for morning sickness!

May I start adding tips to help with it? I am sure you will be getting lots of tips in dealing with morning sickness so let me be the first lol.

I found these worked wonders for me and maybe some of them might help you as well:

- Mints worked wonders and of course take that icky taste out of your mouth.
- Ginger ale or ginger biscuits
- Small regular meals
- Lots and lots of water/liquid

Once again congratulations
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I'm glad things turned out okay in the end here....morning sickness a sure sign of pregnancy though not something I would go yippee about, cause it really sucks, I had it with both my kids....

Good luck WillowsMom.
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Tips are always welcome!!! only thing I have found so far to keep the naseaua down is to constantly eat so I've taken to keeping TONS of saltines in my purse in my truck in my desk at work and at my bedside. that way it's nothing that is going to make me gain to much weight....I just don't look forward to the acutally throwing up part.....right now it's just a sick feeling in the stomach thank goodness!

Still trying to get used to the thought that I am preganat. it's still just seems like I'm suffering from a 24/7 hang over more then being PG. Wow......as of today I'm 6 weeks and 5 days. atleast from my calculations.....gotta see what the Dr says....I can't wait!!!
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Just saw this and read all the way through - you must have been so scared.

Good luck with everything!
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So I've been so busy that I forgot to stop in and update all of you!! My Dr called me on wednesday and told me that my blood test came back GREAT! and wanted me to do an ultrasound ASAP for correct dating!!!! SOOOOOOOO Today at 5:45 I'm doing another u/s!!!! I'm so excited!!! a little of the stress off my shoulders!!
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[font="Comic Sans MS"]It is okay. I am now 26 weeks along. But, I had my first us at 5 weeks. The embryo doesn't show up on an ultra sound until around 7 weeks or so. I asked my doctor the same thing. It's okay. Then only the heart shows up. Do you have children? This is my third....Pregnancy sux, but, it is awesome too. Don't get too scared. Keep you a strong support sytsem. Feel free to pm me[/FONT
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I miss being pregnant! I loved it (well not the morning sickness but everything else).

I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to see how your US turns out!
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Originally Posted by MamaSquishy
It is okay. I am now 26 weeks along.
Oooh! 26 weeks in July is horrible. I gave birth in August and the months before the birth were miserable.

Willowsmom, I am so happy for you! Babies are a blessing despite the discomfort and hard work raising them!
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Cindy---- HOw did your ultrasound go???????? I have been checking for news from you!!!!!!!!!!!1

I also miss being preg. I had NO morning sickness so loved it all!!!!!!!!! but 3 is my limit.
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Well...... I'm 8 weeks 6 days Tech said everything looks WONDERFUL....got to see and hear the heartbeat at 176 beats per min OHHHHH what a Relief!!!!

SO and I walked outta the room and since the exam was done at work there was a group of people waiting to hear......Good tech didn't answer their questions....respected my HIPPA rights So there I am standing there with a HUGH grin on my face and showing off the picture that I got and telling everyone that GREAT news! I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling! SO was laughing at me all the way home because I kept looking at the picture and then looking at him going....."that's our baby!!" Men are funny....I could tell by the look on his face he was just as happy and exicted as I was/am but he just couldn't voice it!! Man, I just can't explain what a big load that was off my shoulders....then to top it off.......I got home started to take a shower and BAM started throwing up First time. I was sick to my stomach but at the same time so thankful for it DANG IT now I'm sitting here holding back tears cuz I'm so happy!!! silly emotions!!!

Anyway!!! Junior thank you so much for your supprt during this!! I would have lost hope a long time ago if it weren't for you!!! THANK YOU!!!
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