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D.T. for Sunday

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We can't let Sunday go without saying "Hi" to each other, can we? I had a really lazy day. I surfed the web a bit, looking at self-stick vinyl tiles. Does anyone have experience with that type of flooring for the kitchen? I have vinyl flooring, one piece right now, and can't afford to do that again. I was very disappointed with the way it wore off. I didn't know the design was on the surface. Of course we thought it made linoleum old fashioned, but linoleum tiles have the design the whole way through. You sacrifice pretty patterns though. Any suggestions?
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the family fo a highschool friend of mine went through something similar (of course, it was years ago). They ended up tiling the floor, with actual tiles I mean, grout, the whole deal. The dad did it, started under the built in bench to get the pattern right and it was done in a weekend. Took a while longer for the grout to set, but it was nice for them to eat out. They just scrubbed it down once a week or so and were very happy with it. Have you looked at any of the laminates, like Pergo? I think there are some that are patterned, but don't quote me on that.

I am sitting on the porch watching my daughter play, catching up e-mail, planning dinner. Such is life.
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We've been lazy, too. Actually I'VE been lazy. Yesterday, I colored my hair. Disaster! I will NEVER buy Revlon hair color again! I spent most of today, fixing it. Bill added another 12 ft. to our patio mister. It makes a huge difference. He has, also, vacuumed the whole house and done a couple of loads of laundry. We're teaming up, cooking dinner: he's grilling the chicken and I'm baking the beans. I think I'll have to keep this one: he works a full-time job, cooks, cleans, does laundry, fixes my car, rubs my feet AND loves cats and dogs. A girl could get spoiled, around here. Hope the rest of your weekend is good.
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