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HELP! wiping butt on rug

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Recently adopted an adult cat from a family moving to Guam. She's a sweet affectionate black and white tuxedo cat with a bad habit that's driving me nuts. After she uses the litter box, she drags her butt along the rug and leaves a poopy smear. I'm shampooing constantly! Thought it might be her long hair, or her chubbiness (can't reach to clean properly) and I had her hair shaved at the vets. It didn't work, she's still doing it. I don't think it's worms, I think she got into a bad habit. Please, I'll take anyone's suggestions if you think you can help!!!! Thanks, Mimi
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It sounds like she needs her anal glands expressed. Call your vet and explain the situation to them. Are her stools "normal"? not runny or anything? Consult with your vet, but I think it is her anal glands.
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Been there, done that!! My cat used to do that all the time. Are her stools hard? If so, it could be painful to poop and she's just making it feel better. Talk to your vet about a stool softener if her anal glands aren't impacted. Also, try adding a tablespoon of plain canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling, to her diet. This acts as a laxative and stool softener. I started this with my cat and have had no scooting since.

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go to vet. maybe her anal glands need to be expressed. my female cat done that before and I went to get her anal glands expressed. Now she fine! I will get her checked if i was you.
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Thanks, I'll try all of it. I had taken her to the vet and they thought it was a 'behavior' thing, not a 'health' thing. (i.e. long hair, chubby, like I said before) but I will definitely ask them about her anal glands. I've checked her stools and they don't look runny OR too hard. Thanks for your help everyone.
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while you are at the Vets and after it is confirmed that it is only a habit thing ask them on how to bring her down to a better weight. It healthier for her and better for your carpets.
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maybe it gets stuck to her hair.
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If she is chubby that is probably the problem but do have the vet check to make sure her glands are OK. I have an overweight cat that does this but he can't easily clean himself so the carpet works. The vet will probably consult with you about her food for her diet.
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The other element is that she's marking her territory to a degree. We just got Sammy and it seems to be much more common in the boys than girls, we aren't Sammy's original family and he is 8. He is a love bug. He has no litter/butt issues but he wipes his butt on the carpet and slides across the room. Sending good vibes to help you~~
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I also thought maybe worms. I don't know for sure really. Worms or anal glands but weight could be an issue too since they cannot always reach back there to groom.
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Tinkerbell did that for the first time yesterday! I think it was that some was stuck to her or something. Her 'gifts' look ok though (in the litterbox).

Really weird...she's a nut that one!
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