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A few words about old Sid

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Just thought I'd say a few things about our friend Sid Vicious, our chocolate persian who passed away earlier this year. He was 13.

What a name for a cat! When he was a kitten he was quite unsocialised, looking back now I think he must have been raised outside and didn't get much human attention. He was quite nasty, always keen to scratch, which is how he got his name! However he was always a lovely cat despite his feisty nature. He was such a free spirit, he loved going outside getting up to mischief.

He was such a funny cat, he couldn't jump or climb or land on his feet! He loved sleeping in the sun in the garden , on his back with the birds hopping around him. (He never once hunted, you see.) He was always talking to you if you spoke to him, a real conversationist.

Just over two years ago, he went out for one of his strolls and didn't come back. My mum and i searched everywhere for him, put up "missing" posters, all to no avail. Nobody had seen him and there was no sign of him anywhere. Two weeks later, on my mum's birthday, he came home, to our great relief! But he was so thin and had suffered a terrible injury to one of his eyes, it was almost bulging out of his head! Despite the state he was in and the pain it must have been causing him, he was purring constantly and so happy to see us. We took him straight to the vet's where he had to have the eye removed. Luckily it completely healed, and soon he was back to his old self again.

Sid didn't exactly live up to his namesake in his later years of life. In fact, he became more of a homeloving kitty, and he would even sit on your knee! One of his favourite spots was under my computer desk, right where I put my feet (good furry hot water bottle!) It was very sad when he became ill in the end, he had a lot of problems with his nose which the vet couldn't fix. He passed away in his sleep in March. We all miss him very much.
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Aww it does sound like Sid was raised outside,he was so lucky to have found such a wonderful and understanding mum

He sounds a little like my Patch the way he swiped at you

It is very sad about what happened to him when he got lost
What a brave little boy to go through all that and still find his way home

I am sorry for your loss of Sid Vicious

R.I.P. Sid Play happily at the bridge brave little boy
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Bless his heart, he sounds like a little cutie despite his tantrums.

RIP Sid Vicious
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Yes, we think he came from a backstreet breeder. We were so grateful when he came home after he'd been missing, he got an extra two years of life and lots of love from us.
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It's so wonderful to hear about Sid Vicious, he sounds like quite the character! Thank you for sharing his story with us!

I'm pleased that he was able to find so much love and care in your home, I know he had a wonderful life with you!

Play happily over the bridge, sweet Sid
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I've just figured out how to get images onto photobucket. So here is the link to see some pictures of Sid. I took them all just over a year ago.

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Sid looked like a cat with a mind of his own, and a mind that was already made up. Bless his little heart. Hugs to you and your family.
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Thank you all for your responses, it's really touching.
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