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Hair chewing query??

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Hi all. For a long while now, Max has been jumping up on to my wife & I's bed in the morning, and he climbs on to her pillow & begins chewing her hair & purring like mad. Is this just a reassurance/comforting thing? Not that it really bothers her, I just wondered if this was "normal" behaviour for a cat. Thanks in advance.

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I don't know how normal it is, but one of my black five month old kittens does this as well. She not only does it in the morning, but periodically throughout the night. I don't see it as a problem since it's my sister she's waking up. We're hoping she grows out of it.

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Awww!, that's so cute!...I can just picture it now!...and yes it is normal, I used to have a cat that loved to do that too.
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My cat grooms me while I am sleeping. He will lick my hair as well as my husbands head. I also participate in hair shows as a model for my stylist; I had to come up with a really good excuse why I had split ends on only one side of my head. LOL!
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My kitty Chloe does that and she's 1.5 years old! She started doing it when she was pretty young. She tries to climb up on my shoulder after I get out of the shower and nibble on my damp hair. And she purrs the whole time if she gets the opportunity to do it!
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