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almost ready

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what a fun time it has been. The kittens are now 7 weeks and have had their first vet visit (all healthy and happy). I am proud to say that i accurately determined the sex of all of them (1 girl, 3 boys). At this point they all have potential homes (just working out who gets who) and we are keeping the monster tiger (name; tibers).
I wanted to thank everyone on this board for their great advice through the whole time. I have never had a pregnant cat, and with the added extra challenge of the mom being feral, I really needed all the help I could get.
So thanks to all!

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they are ADORABLE!!!
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how cute! (i think my sister has the same (or close to same) couch as yours )
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Adorable babies
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wow time flies.. They are adorable..
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doesnt it though. it seems like hardly any time has passed since they were little sausages... sigh. But I am glad they are all so healthy and friendly. they will do well in their new homes.
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They are cute and looking very mischevious
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I just noticed that mom is still nursing the kittens (now almost 8 -weeks). they are eating solid food (both wet and dry). Is it ok that she is still nursing them?
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