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So proud of Oliver!

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I guess this could go in several forums, so if it's in the wrong place, please move it!

I took Oliver in to see my at-home vet (My family's really good friends with this vet and I trust her so much! The vet I take Ollie to at school is just for his annual check-up and shots) I wanted to have his teeth looked at, as well as get microchipped and get a tranquilizer for our trip to North Carolina in August.

Well, Oliver was SUCH a good and well-behaved little boy!!! I am soooo proud of him! He sat nice and perfect on the scale (14 pounds - he hasnt gained any since October! yay!) then BARELY wiggled for the oh-so-fun temperature taking and just one little mew when they injected him with the big scary microchip needle! He never tried to jump off the table or run out the door (I had him harnessed too) and even let Dr. Kathy rub on his belly!! Usually he's the KING of bunnykicking whenever his belly is touched! I could not be more happy with how he took this vet visit!

I was kinda worried about his teeth, cuz he won't let me brush them in the slightest.... I give him greenies and he's fed dry kibble, but I was still a little worried and if he needs dental cleaning, I want it done at home... well she said it's really not that bad, but gave me some CoQ10 which is good for gums and the heart and much cheaper than a dental cleaning.

I'm still in disbelief that he didn't so much as wiggle when he got his microchip! When I take him for his annuals in State College, they rarely even take his temperature! I think he's just more relaxed with Dr. Kathy than with the vets at school.

Anyway, I just had to brag about how well-behaved my Ollie was at the vet! Although, he was back to teasing the dog as soon as we got home! haha
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What a good boy Oliver
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Good job, Oliver!
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Good boy Oliver! You get some virtual tuna from me!
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