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It's been so long (this is for older members)

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I feel like I need to say something, as this was my pet project to begin with, but somewhere along the way of good intentions, this project hit a snag. The cat books have been stagnant now for about 4-5 months I am guessing, and I can't imagine that they will ever reach their intended target. This makes me sad because I wanted Anne to have a piece of us to look at when she needed to be uplifted. Maybe the plan was doomed from the beginning because it seemed to not follow the intended course. And instead of one cat book now there are two (somewhere?)

I no longer even have the original list of who was included in this project, so this is an open letter to those who I hope are at least still lurking here, if not actively posting.

Anyway, I just wanted to extend my apologies to those of you who signed on in anticipation of this project only to have it fall so flat. I thought about going out and getting another copy of this book but seeing as that would be book #3 since I had to buy a second book when it stalled the first time, I've decided not to.
I thought about not saying anything at all regarding this issue, but I felt like I owed those of you who signed up in the beginning an explantion. Anyway, I am sorry. I personally thought it was a great idea, I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
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I'm sorry Mary Anne. I've actually had pictures set aside with little notes written on the back ready to go, so that I could mail it on out the same day I got it.

It was such a beautiful and thoughtful idea.
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Yeah, it's really too bad. I enjoyed reading the books and what people wrote. Not to mention all those cute cat pics....
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I'm sorry to hear this, Hissy....I didn't even get a chance to see them. Maybe someone will read this, and realize they still have the books, and may have forgotten about it, or gotten sidetracked, and will go ahead and send them on.
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That is my hope Debby. I know who had them last, but out of respect will not say.
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Those books were such a good idea - I am sad I wasn't on the list. I hope that whoever does have them sends them on!
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I was really looking forward to seeing them as well Debby
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I,too, was signed up, but never got them!
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Last bump
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I have been promised the books will be on the move tomorrow! Happy Dance! No fingers will be pointed, no names mentioned. Someone thought they were gone and they were not. So they went to look and found the books!!!!! This might just work yet!!!!

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Hissy, I'm thrilled the "lost" books are found! This project of yours was (and is) a wonderful idea; and hopefully the books will not end up languishing somewhere else. I'm happy to know Anne, plus those on the list who've not yet received them, will get to see all the messages and photographs! Thanks again, Hissy, for your thoughtfulness in having sent the little books on their way all those months ago.

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As I said, I did not want to point fingers and make accusations in the thread. I just had hoped that by putting this out into the mainstream, the person who had these treasures would realize that something was wrong and perhaps go looking for the books and find them. And that is what happened! YAY! I got the email late last night, and the person who will not be named did ask for EVERYONE'S forgiveness for having this lapse of memory. She was so upset, she could not even come on to this thread to apologize herself, thinking she wouldn't be well received.

Well, we all know that life happens and events occur that make us so busy our heads spin. So please know that I forgive you for your brain fart and I am sure no one would hold it against you for forgetting this. But thank you for checking, and finding them and hopefully today, they will be sent to the next person who has been waiting in line for so long either patiently or not........

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The books! I nearly forgot all about them

Thank you so much Mary Anne for taking care!
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Since I am fairly new here, can you explain what the books are, what this wonderful project is, and if us newbies can join in?
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Let's see if I can remember it's been so long! (Brushing cobwebs off my brain) About a year ago thereabouts, I was sent a cute little book called......um....let me see if I can remember????? It was called Could You Love Me Like My Cat by Beth Fowler. It was just a small pocket book, with cute little sayings inside about a cat's love for it's human. I started posting some of the sayings on the board and I believe, Mr Cat suggested it would be a good idea to post ALL of the excerpts. Instead of doing that, I decided to ask for a list of people who were interested in getting this book by mail. The idea was to send it out, have each person on the list write something special to our dear Anne, and include only 2 pictures of their cats inside. Anne would be the last to receive the book and keep it as a rememberance of people who hold her so dear.

The idea was very well rec'd and people signed up, so off the books went. However one member kept it for a very long time and it was given up for lost. So when people started to inquire about it, I decided to go out and buy another book and send it on it's way. The day AFTER I did this, the original book ended up "found" and was also sent to Mr. Cat (I believe) So Mr. Cat had now two books to deal with. So he posted and it was decided that since some people who were on this list were overseas, one book would be mailed overseas, and one book would stay here in the United States. So off the books went- until they hit another snag. LOL

I did some searching last night and found the list of the people who are waiting to see this book, to read what others wrote and to include their pictures. I have taken out the first part of the list because these people have already seen the book and added their comments. In the front of the book inside, I have the original list of people who are interested in this. Because it has been so long since this initially went out, no newbies have been added to the list and it was decided that that was fair, only because it has been such a long time.

Here is the list of the rest of the people who signed on originally

AirPrincess-Billie-Michalrad-Deb25-Elinor-Illusion-Jeano369-TLK-Tapestry-nena10-DebbieA-Jugen-Amanda-Debby-Suzerq98 and lastly Anne.

So, no disrepect to the newbies who have added so much to this site, but because of the time frame, the list stays as is and hopefully Anne will have these by the time her baby starts school........LOL

Oops I just looked at this list and remembered that Michalrad has already seen the book (I believe) when it was in Conneticut, some of the members got together from the area and signed the book, so Colby when you get this book, cross her name off and since Billie is overseas, she will have the second book as will Amanda.
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Hissy, I still recall with amazement the day I went to my mail box and found two cat books waiting for me! And I recall your amazement as well! Talk about weird: As you mentioned, the original book was presumed lost so you purchased another and sent it to me; but lo and behold both books suddenly appeared as if by magic. (Someone on the list had neglected to forward the original one to me.)

An interesting discussion ensued as to how we ought to proceed; and it was decided at that point I should send both books together to whomever was next on the list. After that, I can't recall what happened; but I'm very happy the books are once again underway on their world-wide journey.


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I can't wait to get the book! The hard part will be picking only 2 pictures to put in it.. :laughing: I will have to choose carefully!
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