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Bite Mom's Nose While She is Sleeping!!!!!! (what the ---??!!)

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Ok, so last week we had the "Incessant Chasing of Saba" issue, which I am dealing with - and has gotten a smidgen better, although it will take time and work, as stated by TCS member.....

.....and NOW we have the Bite Mom's Nose While She is Sleeping (!!!!!) issue. What is up with THIS???? YOUCH!!
This morning at 5:00 a.m. Sammy jumped ont he bed and snuggles over to me, as usual. All of a sudden I feel him biting my nose. I grabbed his scruff of the neck and said "NO!" firmly, and then he started again. Eric rolled over and bit him back! He jumped off the bed but waited 10 minutes and did it again. I got mad at him and rolled over. He snuggled up again but did not bite - and I petted him and gave him love. Eric said he wants attention! I also noticed that he has no front teeth between his canines..so his previous family must have had the same issue so bad they had his front teeth extracted, but the shelter had almost no data on him....and although they said he was turned into the shelter because of "allergies" I wonder what really happened.... otherwise, he is loving and loving can be and extremely well-behaved.

Can anybody help me?
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My cat does this too. I think that is all it is, they are saying "hey come on get up and play" OR it could just be love nips that they do a little too hard. My cat can get so carried away with the little bit of attention first thing in the morning that she starts liking my nose and if I don't stop her she will nip. And yes that does hurt but I don't think she is trying to hurt you. I usually just roll the cat over and shoo her away and if she keeps coming back, put her off the bed. I cannot believe a vet would extract a cats teeth for any reason other then if they are rotting away or something. I know it has been done but man, what an awful vet and awful owners.
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If I don't get up when Sadie wants me too...sometimes she nips the top of my head to get my attention.
I don't have a solution except to say that I have been well trained ---
I get up.

Your nose is much more sensitive...
One idea...try keeping a small can of air ( like we use to clean our electronics) under your pillow.
When Sammy bits your nose ... blow air in his face.

I suspect that his teeth were extracted for a reason other than behavior.
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oh man! Thank you both for your encouragement and CALMING words. Holy crap, I thought "WHY am I up at this ungoddly hour with Sammy biting my nose????" and I have been bleary-eyed all day. Maybe others have had similar experiences!
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I wouldn't think behavior is the reason for the teeth being gone, either. Diseased teeth sometimes fall out (particularly in older animals), or the cat could have suffered some injury that resulted in a loss of teeth.

I'm training my cat not to wake me up in the mornings... it's one step forward, one step back. He'll be quite good about it for weeks, then he'll have relapses. I find the key is to ignore him completely and play dead. Of course, this is difficult for the person -- it means not reprimanding him for anything destructive he may be doing, since the cat is looking for any signs of waking up and attention (even if it's negative). Also, my cat has resorted to giggle-inspiring measures like combing my hair with his claws, licking my eyelids, and placing his hairy body against my face so I can't breathe. But in general, if you do manage to ignore him steadily every morning, he will get the message that he can't wake you up and that it is a pointless behavior. If he gets no response, my cat usually gets bored and jumps off the bed within a minute. Resolve and consistency are the key.

Also, it's helpful to make sure he has ample food available before you go to bed. The mornings when my cat relapses are often the ones where he's out of dry food. Hard play sessions before bedtime also help.
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Jamie was doing that to me for a while. I found that giving an ungodly scream and jumping out of bed gave him such a scare that he stopped doing it (though he still bats my face with his paws, sticks a paw in my mouth, etc., to get me up).
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