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false pregnancy????

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Ok I am really starting to wonder if Angel doesn't really have a false pregnancy........ She is showing most of the signs and got a bit bigger and at times it seems she keeps growing then others I look at her and she looks small again......... Also earlier today her nipples seemed a little more white than they had....... maybe it is all in my head. LOL

I am wondering if I should just bring her back to the vets and have them check again or just wait another 1 week (they say false last 3-7 weeks) and she got out 6 weeks ago so if it is false she should go back into heat and "go back to normal" in a week tops. or wait the 3 weeks and see if she has kittens. LOL

I wouldn't do an u/s since I don't really have the $110 for it and there is no major NEED for it so would just have the vet feel her abdomen again.

For those that had experience with false preg's do you remember how long it went on for? IK I was told it was very uncommon....... I am really thinking of taking her to the vets again as it is driving me nuts but then keep trying to decide if I want to spend $35 for MY peace of mind (since that would be all it is really for. LOL) or just wait out the 3- 3 1/2 weeks. LOL
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Can you feel anything... Look at the pregnancy calender and the day you got her back inside for the last time and she stayed in count the following day as day 1 where would you be on the calender... Basically saying she got pregnant the last day outside and it was inplanted the next day... Does that all make since. I hope so LOL
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I was beginning to think that Nina was having a false pregnancy too. Her belly got bigger and her nipples are huge and pink. She is even filling up with milk. Her belly isn't even close to what Adina's was and I haven't seen any movement from the babies. I thought the worst...they might be dead. Oh, I'm so dramatic sometimes Last night as she was laying on the tile floor I noticed she seemed annoyed, she kept lifting her head and twitching her tail. She didn't open her eyes though, she is so worn out. I sat next to her and one of her back nipples jumped Then the side of her stomach jumped and rolled. I layed my hand on her belly and felt a thump. She very rarely holds still long enough for me to feel but she was so tired I got to touch her belly a little. There are babies, I can only feel 2 or 3 bumps. That is fine with me, at least they are in there.
The hardest part is not knowing, I would spend the 35.00 for your own peace of mind
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since she got out in heat I have basically going by that day as day 1.......

Putting in April 25th as first day of mating (that was the first day she was let out and she was in heat, around day 3 in heat then). she would be 44 days today and I don't feel anything and can't make out anything as for certain being a kitten........... so by that date she would be due 3 weeks (for day 65) from today.

the last date she was out (she came home the night of May 1st) so putting that in as day 1 puts her at day 38. and so 4 weeks from yesterday she would be due...........

But I just figured if she was in heat when she got out I don't see it taking more than 3 days for her to mate so she would be at least 41 days so would think she would be bigger by now...........
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Amy---- that is what is driving me nuts is the NOT knowing......... Nina is what 7-8 weeks now so 1-2 weeks ahead of Angel? She is soooooooo much bigger than Angel and while Angels nipples got bigger, then about a week ago seemed to grow again. I was looking at them last night wondering if they were shrinking again........... I tell ya I am loosing my mind. LMAO!

Maybe i can get her in tomorrow, but would have to bring my 3 yr old and 16 mo. old along with me since the only time I can go is when my 14 yr old is at school. LOL hmmmmmmmmmm or I can go Fri right when she gets out of school but i have to hit the grocery store at some point too when oldest is home since we are camping this weekend and we need food for that. LOL
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Unless she only has 1 or 2 babies in there.. Sorry I have no answers.. I would spend the 35.00 or I would go nutz
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We've had cats at our rescue we swore were pregnant...but they passed their delivery date and we discovered they either had a bad case of worms or were just large. Let us know what your vet says.

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oops meant to start a thread
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I really think you will feel better if you get another opinion from the vet. I keep comparing Nina to Adina. The truth is Nina is about 4 inches taller and 4-5 inches longer. She is a much bigger cat so her belly won't look as big. If Angel was very thin to begin with, she may not get as big or...she is gaining weight from all the good kitten food. I have a male cat that looks more pregnant than Nina
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Junior I agree it has been 2 weeks ask the vet for a recheck...
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I really should! I keep going back and forth on it. LOL Tonight she looked pretty round all over (not huge but rounded out sides) so was thinking ok maybe now she is growing........ but then a bit later I will look and not notice it as much. LOL Told hubby tonight I hated going back and forth and wondering so was thinking about it (he didn't complain so that is good. LOL) asked him if he noticed and he said he never paid much attention to her (he isnt' a huge cat person to begin with but for some reason he just doesn't really like this one, but gets along with the other ones. LOL) but then he looked and said you can see roundness on the sides....... so who knows.

I should be able (hopefully) to call tomorrow and get an appt for Fri (that is what I did last time) so maybe I will see what she looks like tomorrow. LMAO!

Amy------ She doesn't just look like she is gaining though. you can see the "indents" to make her belly round (if that makes sense?) but it isn't really popping out there...... LOL She was very thin but is also fairly tall and long so maybe babies just have more room to stretch out and not just pop out? LOL not sure how cats work with that. LOL IK when I was preg. I was HUGE because I am short so baby could only go OUT. But my cousin who is taller and has a long torso barely showed and had kids almost double my kids sizes, but hers had more room to grow all over with out popping out....... LOL so maybe cats can be the same? I should measure her sometime. LOL for height and length. heheee.
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Junior, you are right, I am short too and babies have no where to go but out. Nina is so tall that when she wants to be pet, she stands on her hind legs and reaches more than halfway up my thigh. Her belly hangs more down than out. Hey, come to think of it, so does mine

But when she rolls over... big momma

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Amy---- LOL Angel looks close to that laying down (think I have some pix above) but not even near that on her back. LOL ok think I will make an appt for Fri (tempted for tomorrow but would have to try to fit it in with my 2 little ones......... hmmmmmmmm LOL but soooooooooo tempted just for HOPEFULLY a pos answer, meaning yes or no not "I'm not sure". LOL) so will get her an appt before I crazy in the next 3 weeks as I am already close! LOL
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Ok Angel has an appt for 2:20 tomorrow. so now to just stay sane till then (think I have already lost most of my sanity from having 3 girls and then this cat. LOL so may be to late to stay sane). She didn't look big again today. Even if they tell me they feel 1 at least I will be prepared and KNOW kittens are coming.

Not sure what to do if she doesn't feel anything (think I will loose my mind then). This weekend is 7 weeks since she started her last heat..... so hate to set up a spay appt if she is infact preg........ so want to wait for her to go into heat again then set it up or HAVE KITTENS wean then set it up. LOL
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