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liquid coming from anus?

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For the past 3 days i've noticed a clear/green liquid coming from my 14 y/o (male) cats anus. I've never really noticed it before, but i was just wondering if this was normal? It;s not bloody.

He's had leukemia his whole life, which has brought on other problems here and there. Also, for as long as i can remember, after defecating he runs around the house. I dont know if that has anything to do with this new problem. I'm sort of scared to bring him to the vet again cause i don't want the vet to tell us to put him to sleep. Gah.
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Sounds like his anal glands may be blocked. A vet will pinch and drain them and then you can talk to the vet about what to do from there. It may be a one time thing or it may reoccur. I think it is more common in males. My cat had the same problem. The vet showed me how to drain her anal sacs and as absolutely repulsive as it sounds, if it happens again, it will save me $50.
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As I'm sure you're aware, because of FeLV+ status it could be anything, I'd take him to the vet ASAP cause these kitties can go down hill FAST! hopefully its just what Jen said, but I wouldn't want to take the chance.... also do you only have one kitty? have you ever considered adopting another positive baby? they are out just waiting for homes as no one will adopt them I have 4 positives myself, with 4 more on the way (not prego kitty, just adopting 4 more)
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Yes I probably should have mentioned that too. It really could be ANYTHING since he is FeLV+. I hope what I said is all it is
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My male cat's scent sacs plug.
I have them expressed at the vets.
It is not expensive.
Do a search in this forum using scent sacs or glands for more detailed info about that.

I would take him to the vet to get a firm diagnosis.
As scared as you are, you really need to know what is going on.
You don't want your boy to be in pain.
I hope that it is something relatively simple.
I'm sending lots of healing vibes your way.
Please keep us updated.
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thanks everyone, next time i see the liquid should i take a sample for the vet to examine or something?
to katiemae: i do have another cat, she'll be a year old in august. She doesn't have leukemia though, i keep her in a bedroom, and now and then i let her run around the whole house. The 2 cats don't bother eachother, and she has the vaccine. Ive always looked for other felv+ cats to take home, but i never see any in shelters or stores or anything. My little girl was born on my porch, disease free, thank god.
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My kandie has beens leaking and it seems she had a partial blockage... VET ASAP
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I agree...
Your should take your whole kitty in for a check, not just the fluid.
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If you would like to take in other positive kitties you could call the shelters near you because many shelters automatically euthanize FIV and FeLV+ cats. Just let them know you have one and would like to take in more rather then have them be put down.
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Green Liquid means an infection of some sort whether it comes from the anal glands or not.

You need to get over being afraid of might or might not be.

Knowing gives you the power to help him!!!!

Please Please take him to the Vet !!!!!!!!!!
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how was the blockage corrected? surgery? meds? and i unfortunatly can't get my cat to the vet until friday, so i hope nothing happens between now and then
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Your kitty needs a vet.
Hoping that nothing will happen to him before Friday when he might be suffering now?
Please take him in.

As Helen said above..."Knowing gives you the power to help him!!!!"
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if it is the anal glands - they are expressed and he might need to be on antibiotics.

Remeber we are only assuming this is not a disgnosis - it can be anything.

Please get him to the VET - NOW!!!
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Oh I do hope your baby is ok... we will keep him in our thoughts/prayers!
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Cat seems okay so far, he's eating, drinking, sitting in the window. Sorry to upset some of you, buti really can't get him to a vet until friday evening. #1 reason being that the office is closed today because of a family emergency. i'd rather not bring him to another vet since i've brought all my animals to this one, and he's not super expensive like some emergency hospitals. The liquid isn't continuous and is only a tinyyy amount. About a half hour miles took a bigggg poo, so maybe he just needed that cause he didn't have a bm since monday (todays thursday). I'm going to continue to keep an eye out, if i see it anymore i'm calling vets office to tell them im coming friday night.
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I do hope you take him for a check up no matter what and not only if you see anything else.

In your heart you know there is a potential problem otherwise you would not have posted. Please do not ignor it and do the right thing for your baby.
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I couldn't have said it better Helen.
Your gut is telling you that Miles needs to be checked.
Better safe than sorry.
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i took miles to the vet this evening, and indeed his anal sacs were infected. He's 14 though and he's never had a problem so i don't know why it emerged now. Its always one thing or another with him. He's on 22.7mg of baytril and has to go back to the vet in a week.
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Glad you got to the vet ... hope the baytril works
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I'm sending lots of healing vibes to Miles.
Please keep us updated about how he is doing.
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It happens. Anal glands often become impacted if normal bowel movements aren't expressing them regularly. Older kitties tend to have more bowel trouble (kind of like older humans), so anal gland problems can happen to the older ones too.
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Yeah - glad it was something minor. My Loki goes to have his anal gland expressed every 4 months so it's not just something for the seniors. He might have to have it done on a regular basis - check with your vet and see what he suggests.
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