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Leaving the "nest"

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Okay, guys...I'm starting to worry, as Oreo has not left her little nest at all. Not to eat, or use the litterbox...Her babies came early this morning, and she has stayed there nursing the entire day. Do I need to worry at all? I moved her food and water in close, but she'll have to jump out of the box to get to it. The box just isn't big enough for her, the babies, and the food/water...

She also is more vocal than "normal" for her...Not loud, just little mews toward the kittens and me...Does that sound ok?

I'm new at this, and trying to stay away from them except to check in every few hours...
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I am not an expert just going by things I have read on here. But alot of times the moms will just rest and nurse the first 12 hrs or so. then sneak out to use the box and eat really quick then right back in. They also talk to their babies often to let them know they are there so that sounds normal to me.

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I have no advice to offer unfortunaley. I'm new to this too. All I know is Veruca is not doing that. She gets up to eat and drink and use the litter box.
I actually need to go check to make sure she is nursing. This morning when I went in, the kitten were just sleeping in a pile. I'm assuming they don't need to nurse constantly, but I need to make sure I see some feeding going on.

I'm sure you'll get some real knowledgeable responses soon.
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I posted to your other thread on this... So all the new Gmoms to be go look there...
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I don't think that staying with the babies is such a bad thing necessarily ... the first 24 to 48 hours of milk production contains the immunity fighting colostrum and it is grand that the babies are getting so much of that. Your girl will leave them when she feels the time is right. I wouldn't worry about it too much for now.
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