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No babies yet

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I was talking to gayef last night and she was waitin for babies to but her kitty had her now i am just waiting for mine. Kali(my cat) was haveing contractions lastnight and is still havein them but shes not pantin or nothing like that so i dont think they are that strong yet but i hope by tonight or tomrrow she has them she is 65 days now so i hope it is soooooon LOL
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Oh, I hope they come soon! I know how hard it is to wait...

I was lucky, I guess...Oreo never seemed uncomfortable or really had contractions that I could tell. She just went upstairs and had her babies while everyone else slept! Except maybe my 18-month-old, whose bed she had the babies under!!

Don't worry, they will come when they are ready - and you will fall in love!
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65 is a good day to have them....
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i hope so she is so unconfortable she cant lay on one side that long and she moves every f minytes to get in the right spot so she can sleep she hasnt really ate anything today so i hope it is soon
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Put her in a very dark and quiet room... just lay old blanket and sheets out to save the floor... Make sure she feels like it is just her in the house... SHe might suprise you with babies...
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ok i will try that i just checked her and she had some clear fluid with some blood in it so any time soon right? But i will try it ad let you guys know what happens
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sounds like the plug so bet with in an hour or two there will be babies (if that long).
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i put her in a dark quiet room so i will check on her in about an hour
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still no babies i hope she is ok i dont want anything to happen to her
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Awwww, I'll bet she just wants you to come back and sit with her a little bit.
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Cupcake breath hehehhe wooooooo heeheeheehee woooooooo Be calm and let he do her thing.. Does she have a lot of nesting material.. Is it quiet does she like the room...
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she wouldnt stay in the room she wants to be in the kitchen for some reason i just spotted some milky discharge so i hope it is soon or im goin to have to take her to the vets again
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Dont take her if she doesnt seem to be in pain or if she has no fever.. Nature will kick in... If the mucas is clear or like snot you are fine... If it is green foul smell or blood go tot he vet k
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I wish you good Luck with kittens. WHO IS THE FARTHER?????lol
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