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Thirsty kitty!

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More pics can be found here: http://www.divinyard.net/gallery/shiraz
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LOL That's a beautiful kitty. I've seen cats in sinks before, but never so intent on geetting water from the faucet.
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aw , what a beautiful little tiger-kitten !!
Hilarious picture !! My cat Sydney freakes out as soon as we open a tab .............. !!! :confused2 :paranoid3
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I love that picture!!!
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Oh that is adorable! And what a beautiful cat!!!!!!
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Cute picutre! There's something about bengals and water... ours do the same thing!
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What a beautiful cat and a great pic. 3 of our 5 demand the tap to be turned on any time we are in the bathroom. Excalibur soaks his whole head.
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Cute pic. That cat is beautiful. That looks just like my Boo and Socks trying to lick water out of the faucet.
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What a great cat! He is so-o-o-o cute! Hope his tongue doesn't get stuck!
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Adorable!! My guys love the bath tub.... You'll be in the bathroom and you'll hear a weird slurping sound comming from the shower... Once you open the curtain you'll find one of them having a drink.
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Shiraz is such a little doll. I love the pics you post of her. You can just tell that she is FULL of purrsonality!
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Here's our 3 bengals sharing a drink:

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Their coats look amazing! Are they very soft to pet?

As a comparison, Siamese are gorgeous but their coats aren't always silky, smooth and sleek but not plushy and soft. My tabby is very nice to pet, more so than the longhaired one. Go figure.
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Yes, bengal coats (really called a pelt) are very soft & very silky Tigger's coat is very silky, more silkier than the boys, but that is because they are snow bengals. From what I understand snows are a little more coarser, but their coats have improved alot since they were babies. I wipe them down with pet wipes to condition their coats, too.
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Thanks for all the kind words everyone! She makes up for being so pretty by being the epitome of trouble makers. Shes always into something.


As Tigger said, they have very soft coats. More like a rabbit coat than a typical kitty coat. Its extremely difficult to capture the real beauty of the bengals coat on film. They have an amazing glitter throughout that really sets them off, but it just doesnt show up on film for some reason. Hopefully one of these days I can get a shot of her in the sunlight, and hopefully show that aspect of her coat off a little.
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