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Fat Cat!

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Hi everyone

I've been worried about my cat Ziggy for the past few weeks, he seems to just get fatter and fatter.

I have him on indoor cat formula and I rarely give him treats anymore because of his growing size.

I have a second cat, Leeloo who has actually lost a bit of weight (or maybe she just looks smaller in comparison to him now hehe) and when I watch them eat together he doesn't seem to be hogging the food, or taking it away from her.

I am currently living at my boyfriends families house as my apartment is under renovations (its been an annoying few months) and I'm wondering if maybe someone else in the house is feeding him extra treats or something. if thats the case than the problem won't be around much longer because I should be moving back in a week or so.

anyway incase he stays just as chunky is there something else I should feed besides indoor cat formula? I saw a weight control cat food but I was worried about getting it because Leeloo doesn't need it and I didn't want to deprive her know what I mean? (its impossible to keep them from eating separate types of food as well)

anyway here's a few recent pictures of him, maybe I'm over reacting but let me know if you think he's getting too fat or not (he's one year old)

and then this was him last december you can see how much thinner he is.

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Time for a vet check ... something is not right./...
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I agree with Sharky, might be some kind of thyroid problem, he does look like he has gained a lot of weight
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