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kitten potty problems

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Hi. I am new to this site but have a question about my 5 week old kitten. She has not been doing well with the litter box training. She has had a few peeing accidents in other places for the past few days. And now she has had diarrhea since yesterday and refuses to usse the litter box. I keep her in the bathroom for the most part and it is a small one at that and she still poops and pees on the floor. Why is this?? i make sure the litter box is immaculate and she has 3 sibling to learn from as well whom all seem to be litter box trained nicely. anyone have any input??

ps i called the vet and they want to bring her in later on but was curious on your thoughts as well.
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A five week old kitten is very small, so her litter box is probably too difficult to get in and out of. So, for now, I would recommend getting a high-edged cookie sheet (sides that are about an inch tall) and using that as the litter box for her.

I am glad that you are taking her to the vet to be checked. Diarrhea can be deadly in kittens.
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Get a smaller box with shorter sides and use less litter. Diarhea in kitties can be a sign of parasites (worms), so she needs to see the vet ASAP!

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to update....vet sayd she has cocksidia (not sure of spelling) and she is on meds for it. but she is STILL not using litter box. I can lock her in the bathroom with 4 litterboxes and she will go on the floor. Soooo frustrating.
Oh well. Maybe she is just too little yet??
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I would suggest putting disposable pie plates or something similar in the spots where your kitten is going. I have had some success in the past with this. If your kitten still avoids the litterbox it may have something to do with the diarrhea. They associate the litterbox with the discomfort, but it very well could be age.
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