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Brushing the cat

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Since the cats are shedding a lot, I have to brush them more. Ever notice how brushing a cat is very similar to playing twister and pounce at the same time? They lay still for about 2 seconds, then start rolling from one side to the other, all the while trying to grab my hand or the brush.

They think they've invented a cool, new game.
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Snowball used to act like that, and sometimes he still does. Now he usually gets in my lap when I groom him and this seems to make being groomed a more enjoyable experience for him. He tolerates being groomed a lot longer this way and it gives me a much better opportunity to remove a lot of loose fur.
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Mr. Lucky loves to be brushed. Actually, he likes to be combed with one of those men's pocket combs. It must feel good and scratchy.

OTOH, Theo just walks away, and Purrboy thinks we're playing and tries to wrestle my hand.
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My cats are both pretty young still, 9 months and 1 year. Everything is a game to them. Faile sometimes gets mad if I pick her up to snuggle her and she's not in the mood. If she didn't like the brushing, she would let me know.
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Sydney loves it to be brushed since I bought his new brush ; it's like a bend plate with all small pointed needles on it . He didn't like usual combs .
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Tigger won't let me near her if she sees the brush. If I do manage to sneak up on her, she bites me till I give up.
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Opie and Rowdy like being brushed. If the brush is laying on a table, Opie will brush his own face and chin. Both of them will let me brush them, for a while. Then, they bite and play with it.
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My cats love to be brushed, but they like rubbing their faces on the spines as I'm trying to brush them...

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Peeps and Sug will fight over who gets to be brushed 1st - they love it and you can do it for hours. Exclaibur will sit still for 2 minutes and then you have to follow him all over the house as he wanders. Merlin hates it and bites the brush. Gweeky has to be sleepy before you brush him and then he'll like it, otherwise he runs away.
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Socks and Boo will sit still for about 5 seconds, until they see what they are being brushed with. Then they like to attack my hand and the brush and they start biting the bristles. lol Sometimes when they are calm and mellow they will sit in my lap and let me brush them to no end.
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Trent puts up with being brushed for the most part. The problem I have is that he seems to think that he should be able to eat the fur I just brushed off him. It is his fur, after all. Kinda defeats the purpose of brushing, kitty!
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