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Originally Posted by Arlyn
One female friend, my best friend, but she lives in Washington.
Generally speaking (no offesense ladies!) I do not like, nor do I get along well with women.
No offense taken. I am the same.
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I do not think having seperate friends is nearly as important as individual "me time".

Jeremy and I both cherish our individuality and our own time.
He plays softball 3 nights a weeks, that is his time out with the boys and my time to do as I please.

Going on 6 years now and we are still as close and as in love as we were from the start.
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I actually need some girlfriends here. I left all my friends behind in Georgia to move to Alabama with my husband, and while I stay in touch with my best friend back in GA as much as possible, it's just not the same...and I don't have anyone to shop with or have lunch dates with or see chick flicks with. (My husband does go out and do things socially with me, of course, but there are certain things like shoe shopping and movies without explosions aren't really interesting to him.)

I have online friends too, but I need a friend that I can call up and say "hey, there's a sale at Payless this weekend, let's go buy some shoes!" or something of the sort.
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Shopping with friends is so expensive, though.
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Originally Posted by shengmei
Shopping with friends is so expensive, though.

It is!??
Seriously though, honey and I have separate lives pretty much. He has his friends and I have mine. But we have mutual good friends too. I have a great friend that I love to be around. She so fun! Honey plays disc golf and I have NO interest in that what so ever so he goes off Weds to play while I work and then once a week my girlfriend and I go shopping with the rule, no boys or kids allowed! But we also have our time too. and when it becomes apparent that our time is fewer and far between, well, the friends get pushed back and our time gets pushed to the front.
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I think it's very important to have friends that you see away from your partner. Girl's nights are SUCH an important part of my life, I would never be able to give those up! So obviously my answer is that yes, I make it a priority to keep a number of close girlfriends that I get to see when I'm away from my SO, but who also get along with him well enough to spend time with the both of us. I feel very lucky to have such amazing friends actually!
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My friend Jen is married and I USED to live with someone. She and I indulge in power shopping/lunch trips.

If we can manage it, before Christmas, we are going to Phoenix for a weekend. We'll get a motel room, hit the Arizona Mills Outlet Mall and a couple of antique malls.
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Its neat to see how everyone's relationships and opinions on this subject differ!!
I think that as long as your relationship is healthy then do what makes you happy!! I am not saying that I never spend time away from Lee because I do. But I really don't hang out with "the girls" like that. We go shopping on occasion or go have lunch and gossip but normally I go out with my mom and sister to do things I want to do.
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I agree...everyones relationship is different and you should do whatever works best for your relationship

I of course have time to my self....mainly because I work a better schedule than my husband I get off at 1:30 in the afternoon and I am home by 2:00pm...so from 2 to usually around 6 I have the whole house to myself...and as far as shopping I actually like going shopping by myself after work because I am a very picky shopper and I usually take a long time....so I don't want to hold up my friends.

I really don't do the whole "girl's night out" but we do have a Margarita night every tuesday ....but there are usually 3 men there including my husband. And we also do craft night's on everyother sunday...but its at my best friends house (which she lives with her mom and is still in college)....in which my husband also comes and talks with her mom (which is my godmother and Jason (dh) has known her all his life). So pretty much everything that we do, we do together....but like I said it works for us.
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You guys all have it right........"whatever works best for you"!!

One of my girlfriends and I went out to dinner a few Tuesdays ago, and there was a waitress that mentioned how nice it is to see women go out and enjoy themselves,etc. She was mentioning that she has a friend that she likes to go out with but has been backing off from it lately. Her friends husband doesnt' trust that they're just going to dinner and he follows them, calls her constantly, etc. Obviously not a good relationship if they can't trust eachother.
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During the first four years of my marriage, I was completely consumed by the marriage itself, wanting to be only with my husband and practically doting on him - not at his request. It came to me rather suddenly one day that I was deliberately stifling myself, and that I wasn't happy with it. I needed friends with my interests, beyond what's for dinner and what movie we want to watch. I needed to spend time with people who came from different places and who knew different things.

When I returned to school this year (well, last year, now!), I moved away part-time and lived with a new friend, a girl who was a grad student in my major. It was the absolute best thing I could have ever done. My absence from my family made me appreciate my time with them, and they didn't take advantage of me in the same way. I had people who cared about opera with whom I could talk about it, and I didn't annoy my husband by trying to make him interested in the minutae of Puccini and Verdi.

Some people can get by with having no friends outside of their relationship, but I wouldn't dream of doing it again.
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My husband and I have different interests - I love golf, he doesn't; he loves model airplanes, they are much too noisy for me, and other such things. I have 2 best friends that also love golf and whose husbands have no interest at all in golf. For the past 20+ years, the three of us take a golf trip every year for 3-5 days. Our hubbies have always stayed at home and looked after our little ones (they aren't so little anymore ).

The time my husband and I spend together is good time but I love being with my friends. We go out to dinner on a regular basis. This weekend we celebrate one friend's birthday. We are taking her golfing then coming back to our house for the evening. My husband has always been very supportive of me spending time with my friends and often tells me how lucky I am to have such awesome friends in my life.
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