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Momma is freaking out

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I have Momma in the same room as the kittens at all times. Just this morning when i was making coffee, i noticed she was a lot more vocal than normal, really vocal. Im guessing she could be in heat, most likely. But I got worried cause I started to hear her growl and kind of scream at the kittens. It sounded like Momma was really pissed off, I got worried for the babies.I've never heard Momma make those noises before, and i have definitly never heard her make those noises towards the babies.

I went in there and she seemed normal though, she just wanted me to pet her,she did try to escape though.I have a hard time containing her in that room and all 7 babies when they all try to get out at the same time. I wish i could just let them out to play but Im nervous about that.

Is there anything i can do for Momma to make her happier in there?Would a Momma hurt her babies if she is frustrated? They are 5 weeks old tomorow.
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Let Momma out of the room for some much-needed "me" time away from the babies. At 5 weeks old, they will be fine without her for a short burst of time. Just make sure Momma can't get outside ... but she should have some time to herself a couple of times a day.
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Thanks Gaye...I wasnt sure if it was ok to let Momma out but im sure she wants some time to herself. I'll let her out right now.Thanks!
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But of course you are most certainly welcome. (Forgive me, I am sleep-deprived ... Lex had her babies at Oh-Gawd-Thirty this morning and a lot of really strong coffee has done nothing but give me really strong heartburn *grin*)
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Congratulations on Babies!! Thats great, how many did she have?

So i let Momma out and she seems very happy. Not to mention Romeo is now out of his depressed state, once he saw Momma his eyes lit up.(dont worry he is neutered)
Momma ia roaming around checking everything out, its her first time out in the house. She isnt bothered by my dogs either and they are being really good with her.

I locked the other cats out though, i didnt want Momma getting in a fight since they havnt met yet.

Agian thanks and congrats!
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She has a thread in the breeders forum on them all...

Also my babies are almost 2 weeks and I know Skittles will leave for 10 min or move to just me time... I think give mom some special time... Sit and pet just her or take a nap together....
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