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After spay Ovary left behind???

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Anyone know if its possible to have your cat spayed and a Ovary was forgotten?? Is this common?

I will try to make story short, I have a female that is almost 3, she started to pee in the house about 1 1/2 years ago, i have tried everything that was suggested ( she is in her own room as we speak for a week to try to retrain)
I reached out top my Breeder last night and i told her the story, as i am describing her behavior she feels that its possible that a ovary can be the issue, or somethnig hormonal.
She has very maternal instincts, she carries beanie babies around the house as if they were her kittens, she has a few and she takes them to the food bowl in the morning and at night she plays w/ them and then takes them to bed w/ us. Its acutally the cutest thing, but my breeder feels that maybe not so cute.
Can this be possible cause of her peeing???
Anyone experience this behavior?

I dont beleive my other two males stress her out, she is the aggresor and gets most of the attention, and i cant figure out why she is doing this, i am racking my brain
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I have heard of cats who were spayed, but had some ovarian tissue left behind (doesn't have to be a complete ovary). They came back into heat. It is possible.
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ok, I don't know anything about ovaries/spaying or any of that. But I have to say the beanie baby story is just adoooorable! I had a male pomeranian who has had beanie baby's since he was a pup. He was in the crate with another pup when I bought him and was used to cuddling (and was the size of a beanie baby!) with someone else. So I got the petco beanie's they had of their mascots...the blue mew cat. I had to go back and buy like 5 of them cause he loves them so much, he still does. He cuddles it and licks it and tosses it around... it's SO cute!!!
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luckygirl your right its adorable but maybe she does have a maternal or hormonal issue???
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