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I heard, on the news, last night, that if convicted, that ranger can be assessed the cost of fighting the fire. There can, also, be civil judgements against her. Once she gets out of jail, she'll be paying for this, for the rest of her life!
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Just heard on the radio that they are now thinking that she may have started the fire on purpose. Probably thinking she could be a hero by discovering and putting out a fire by herself.

If convicted of just the Federal charges she is facing up to 20 years in jail. There are 4 counties affected that could also bring criminal charges against her, as well as civil and liability suits. She is screwed, as she should be, especially if starting the fire was intentional. She is being held without bail since they feel she is a flight risk, especially since the community she would be returning to has a lot of animosity toward her.
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Well, it's been a couple days and, not that anyone's asked, but I thought I would update everyone anyway!

Hayman is still there, and growing. I don't have today's numbers but as of last night it was 137,000 acres, or 20 miles by 14 miles. That is just too big to comprehend. 70+ houses have been destroyed so far, and another 25+ have had significant smoke/fire damage. The good news is that we had cooler temps and some rain, which slowed it down and gave the firefighters a fighting chance. Of course, it is supposed to be hot and dry for at least the next 5 days, so it could easily blow up again.

The fire by Jin, Coal Seam Fire, is pretty much under control. Last I heard was 70% contained, and not growing like before.

There is another monster fire in southern CO, down by Durango that has grown to 55,000 acres, only 25% contained, with bad things predicted weather wise.

The woman who allegedly started the fire has been charged with, basically, Federal Arson since they have evidence that the fire was staged to look like an abandoned campfire. She plead not guilty to the charges, and could now face up to 65 years in federal prison and a 1 million dollar fine if convicted. The state and counties have not yet charged her with anything, but could.
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