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Daily Thread June 7

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Good morning!

I'm just getting ready for my interview..I got up really early (thanks to Reilly)

Have a great day everyone!
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Good luck Tracy!!You should sing really loud in the car on the way there, it will loosen you up. Thats what I do before interviews

Good Morning everyone I am actually still at home just about to hop in the shower...I hope everyone has a great day today. It seems to be sunny here..hopefully you all get that same privilege today

Ooops, its 7:30, I best be getting my butt in the bathroom
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Good luck Tracy!
I just got in from my german course
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Good luck Tracy!! I just got to my desk and I am trying to wake up!!! We finally got the a/c in my car working about 1/2 the time. Then the people we bought the car from told us that when it starts tpo warm up again you have to hit the dash above the a/c vent andguess what... it works!!!
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Well off to work today in a few minutes too. Trying to finish up a job that was started a month ago!!! Will finish it tomorrow for sure as i have an appt at 5:00 which is quite away from where I am working and I have to clean up 1st!!
Nice sunny day today but breezy (so I won't sweat so much!)

Good luck at the interview.....
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No appointments for me today, so I might get to clean my house. Woo, hoo.
Have a great day everyone!
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I am suffering from a hangover this morning...
$2.75 Long Island Iced Teas
+ 1 really hot bartender
1 totally wicked hangover!!!

I don't even remember getting home last night...I do remember getting sick though!

Any suggestions to nurse a hangover?
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Good Luck Tracy!!!!

It is POURING out! it wasn't supposed to do that until this afternoon. We are supposed to get 3 inches of rain today. Dentist today, and that's about it over here.
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Good Luck, Tracy!

Glorious day here! (sorry, Karen!) I have been out in the garden doing some weeding and planting up my Impatiens and Geraniums! I have also found a couple of spaces in nead of a plant or two, so might pop to the Community Garden Centre this afternoon for a browse!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
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I'm off for a final exam shortly - SOMEday I'll be done with this degree. Maybe I shouldn't have taken so many years off. Today it's my piano final, followed by a coaching on a Russian song I've been studying, and a meeting with my voice instructor. Good stuff!
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Its beautiful outside today!

I was planning on going to see the baby kittens last night, but I ended up not feeling too well, and stayed in and watched a movie with John. The highlight of my night tho, was that when he came home from work, he stopped and got me a chocolate shake cuz he knew I didnt feel good, it was very yummy!

Today is like a Thursday for me - I don't work on Friday - I took the day off to go home for a long weekend. I'm getting my haircut, highlighted and all that good stuff, and I have to go home for that, so I figured why not take a day off? It turned out to be good that I took that day off, because my Dad also took the day off too, without knowing I was coming home, so we're going to do something all day with my brothers, I'm really excited!

Well, I think I've rambled on enough here!

Good luck on your interview Tracy!!
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Good morning all!! The sun is shining nice and bright today-hope everyone has a great day. I am not yet sure what I am doing today~I am thinking about taking a stray cat or two(from my moms house) to a woman that knows my mom and they want to save them from the JERK WAD down the street!! Good luck Tracy on the interview... Let us know what ya find out...
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Just working and some laundry when I get home, nothing exciting, but I am enjoying the construction on my side of the building finally being finished so I can look out at the CN tower and the beautiful sunny sky instead of scaffold and mud

Good luck in the interview Tracy and the exams Lisa
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Good luck with your interview. Keep us posted.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
I am suffering from a hangover this morning...
$2.75 Long Island Iced Teas
+ 1 really hot bartender
1 totally wicked hangover!!!

I don't even remember getting home last night...I do remember getting sick though!

Any suggestions to nurse a hangover?
Nope,sorry. I've never had a hangover, but I've been told to drink lots of water and tylonal (sp sucks I know sorry) anyways, I hope you get rid of your hangover soon!

For me today.....I took my mom to school because it hurts her to drive since she has a broken rib and then I dropped off an application for work. Now I have to finishing writing a paper (which is late now), then go to the bank and then drop off two more applications. Hopefully I'll find some work soon!

Hope your interview goes great Tracy!!!
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How did the interview go Tracy?
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Hey!, thanks for asking...

the interview went really well...but my old place of business offered me a pay raise of $6/hr to stay there part I'll be staying there for now until a better oppourtunity arises.
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I just saw your other thread
Wow, that's great you got a payrise - they must realise what a valuable employee they have in you and don't want to lose you.
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