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Any advice about sore legs?

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Before I start I just wanted to say - we have already taken Milly to the vet about this, I am just after any advice you may feel you want to give, or any tips you could share.

Here's what happened: Milly had a bit of an accident on Friday, we have had to piece together what we think happened from the clues she left us. She must have fallen from the windowsill onto the kitchen bin and got herself tangled up with the bin lid. Both back legs seem quite sore, she keeps flopping over and lying down in odd places, sometimes she will hold up one of her back legs. Her tail works fine, as do all her other bodily functions! The vet gave her a good examination, no bones broken, no thrombosis or anything like that, he couldn't find anything sinister that would cause her to lose her balance and fall, so we think she must have got a fright & lost her footing. So he said not to give her painkillers right away as she needed to rest her legs, but if it's no better by tomorrow he will let me have some pain relief for her so that her muscles don't start to waste away.

She is still a bit sore, so I guess I will be getting some tablets for her tomorrow, but is there anything else I can do apart from making sure she has plenty of comfy resting places and giving her a lot of cuddles? Can I massage her? Do you think it would help?

Milly is ten years old (or thereabouts) and is otherwise exceptionally healthy!
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Poor little girl! It sounds like she's in some pain. Are you sure she can put her weight onto her legs if necessary? I know your vet checked her out, but I'm wondering if she could have a hairline fracture in one or both legs. Did the vet do an X-ray? If not, consider it, to rule out that possibility.

If Milly will let you handle her legs, you could massage them *very* gently or avoid the legs and massage her body to help her relax. You might want to give her a warm towel out of the laundry - it may feel good on her aching legs.

Hope Milly's feeling much better soon. Please let us know.
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When my kitty had a leg sprain my vet had me keep him in a small room (i.e. bathroom) that would limit his movement and hopefully help him heal better. Just a thought.
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Thank you.

She is beginning to show some signs of improvement - yesterday evening I saw her running, this morning she played 'bed mice', but she is still a bit sore I think. She can and has been putting weight on both legs evenly (I watch her going up & down the stairs) but the pain seems to 'catch' her every so often & she has to sit down. I'm ringing the vet again this evening so will discuss it further with him then. She would like the warm towel a LOT, so I will try that too.

Thanks for the advice.
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