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Does anyone else have a cat that is an adult or maybe older kitten that still suckles? Oreo is less than a year old, and pregnant...She has always suckled, ever since I first adopted her.

She has a favorite blanket (that is sort of tiger striped and gray/black...like her), that she suckles on ALL the time. Whenever she is sleepy, she goes to that blanket and sucks away until she's ready to sleep. Then she gets all comfy and passes out.

I don't know if this is "normal" or not - I've had cats off and on my whole life and never seen this before. Although I guess maybe she was orphaned too young - or maybe thinks the blankie looks like her Momma...

Also wondering if this could signal something that might be a problem when she finally has her babies...

Not sure where to put this, so I'm putting a copy in Behavior and a copy in the Pregnant Kittie page...Thanks!
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I've often wondered the same thing. Our kitten is about 9 weeks old, and she was separated from the mother pretty young according to the family that we got her from.

She usually does this with a blanket that sits on our couch, but this morning she woke me up suckling on my pillow right next to my head. She purrs really loud and seems very comfortable, but it does seem odd. Other than this behavior, she's perfectly normal, very affectionate for a kitten her age (usually kittens want to either play or sleep, not sit and let you pet them for 10 minutes straight).
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My cat Angel enjoys sucking on her own nipples ever since she was a kitten . When she became pregnant, I was worried she would not allow the kittens feed on her and she would go on sucking on her nipple. But now, ever since the kittens were born, she has been too busy being a mom that she has stoped sucking on herself. My cat Nikki gave birth to Angel last year so she always had her mom; I am still not sure why Angel likes to suck on her own nipples.
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I know a 10 year old dog who still suckles a blanket and stuffed animals. That is the only way he goes to sleep.
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I had a male cat(the original Lovecat), he would lick his arm till a tuff or hair would rise and then he would suckle on it. We had gotten him because he was a stray, very skinny but the nicest cat. He was a wierdo too lol, when I first became pregnant I would lay on my stomach to read and he would get on my back or arm, bite it and um...yea...'make love' to it lol. Hence one of the reasons we named him Lovecat . We always wondered if he suckled on his arm becuase he was abandoned/weaned early. Here is a pic of him, I miss him dearly...

This is one of him alone laying on the floor.

Here is one with his love Sid hugging on him (My other beloved and missed baby.)
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