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Brown Spots

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We have a stray cat outside who just had a litter. We've been thinking of taking one of the kittens, and trying to place the rest, and all that.

My question is, though: Today, while watching her eat, I noticed that all the fur in front of her ears is nearly gone, and she's got baldish spots both sides there that go almost all the way down to her eyes.

Also, the skin under there has big brown patches. Is that just her coloring on her skin, or a sign of something. Our kitty, Orion, goes out on his leash, and they have greeted each other with a rub or two. He has all of his immunizations, so I havn't been too concerned, though I don't encourage it. What I'm wondering, though, is what those brown spots could be, and if I maybe should not take one of these kittens at least, with one already in our house, and maybe take them to one cat only houses, or somewhere for care.

Anyone know?

Spring and Orion
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It could be nothing at all. Some cats do have those types of markings on their fur. If the kitty has fleas, she could be scratching at them or also she might have ear mites. Being a little wild kitty, that would be my guess. The brown spots could be pigmentation on her skin but the best thing to do is take her to the vet when you can and have him give her a look-over.
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It is normal for some cats to have baldish patches in front of their ears and it doesn't indicate a problem. The cat in the picture is an example of this. However, I agree with Hissy that the best thing to do is to take the cat to the vet for an examation.

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Is ear mites a possibility for the brown patches? I could not tell by the description of the spots, but that came to mind.
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