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Bit and Scratch the saga

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First I want to thank everyone for being so nice when I first started to post about my fur family.

Here's the update. 8-Bit Wolfgang and Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds are getting along better. They seem to be able to hang out in a room together for a few hours, and then we hear some hissing and growling. At that point I will separate them. Bit is doing the dominance thing by holding Scratch by the scruff of the neck, Scratch of coarse hates this.
Now for the question: When should I start leaving them alone? I am worried that Bit will pin down Scratch in a small area for most of the day. Are the cats going to show me that they are ready, or is this something that I should start trying now? Any advice would be helpful.
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Does anyone have any ideas?
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How old are they? Are they neutered? What happens if you don't break up the altercations or let them run their course?

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Both are altered, and both are right around a year old. When I break them up they calm down, but as soon as I reintroduce them Bit, my first kitty, will mount Scratch and bit him on his neck. Scratch will put up with it for a few moments this hiss at Bit.

Now they can be together in a room for hours and not fight. Then they will start chasing each other and that is when the hissing and growling start. I'm wondering if this is just play or true aggression.
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If you're not seeing any blood or anything like that, then I'd say they are just playing. Kitties and young cats play rough! The one who's mounting the other is showing his dominance. I always keep a towel handy so that when my 1 yo cat starts getting too rough for the 10 yo cat, I have something to either toss at her or to herd her away with. I'd say since they can be in the same room with each other for hours and be fine that it's okay to start leaving them alone.

If it makes you feel comfortable, maybe start with a short trip, like to the grocery store and then build up from there. Also, if their normal sleep pattern is to sleep during the day, chances are if you're gone during the day they'll be sleeping while you're gone.

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So my boys were left alone yesterday and did rather well. I still hear the occasional growl or hiss from time to time. Oh I did happen to "catch" Bit grooming Scratch. I think that they are going to be buds at the end of the day.
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Sounds like they will be alright together, they should be able to work it out!
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grooming each other is good... I think it takes time to get along... I think right now they are doing great...
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