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Stinky kittens.

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ok I recently posted about my little girls butt smelling really rotten.... well today I noticed that my little boy's butt smells now too... I hadn't noticed her stinking in a few days, but when I found out he stunk I smelled her and she too smells rotten again (or never stopped) I'm not sure what to do I catch them licking themselves so that doesn't seem to be it... but there are times I have to put them down because I have a very sensitive nose....
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In case anyone was wondering here is the original post.


In the meantime have called your Vet and explained the situation? If so what did he say - If not might be a good start.
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I am planning to call her in the morning.... I just don't get it I thought her's had cleared up....
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I hope you don't mind me putting this on your thread but i have been having the same problem too except it is a male kitten, If you find anything out will you please post it??
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Is sounds like they need their anal glands expressed, they usually do this themselves by licking their butt or scootching across the carpet,. Call your vet, explain the situation and ask what he deems as best.
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JavannaLynn, what happened? Were you able to have the problem corrected?
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Actually it went away when I changed there food to Felidae all natually food with no corn and they love it.
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I knew it. I never got a chance to post it thoe. it was there food. sometimes
it is the food.
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you know last night after I posted that my little girl came up to me and was actually having the problem again. which she hasn't in a long time. well since I switched the food. it was weird. not as bad as before but I have a VERY sensitive nose I can smell things no one else can hehe.
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Have they been neutered / spayed? My kitten had a stinky bum - but about 2months after his neuter there were no more problems. I think its a hormonal thing. When my girl cat (un-spayed) gets happy and purrs - she starts stinking a little too. I think its a happy scent they express as a hormone. (thats just a guess) Get the vet to check it out anyway - it could be something else! But I'd say just happy butt hormones! After the de-sexing it should go away
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