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hi all

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hi, i've been looking around this site since we got our new kitty. we had a chihuahua for 15 years. she died in march. we said no more animals cause it hurts so much when they get sick or die. well about two days after our taco died my husband said how long do cats live? so then we were on the look out for a cat..lol. we both think we're not made to not have any animals cause we love them & should have one. our granddaughter had a little kitty & since mommy said 3 cats we're to much for her one had to go. our granddaughter said grandpa & grandma since ya lost taco i want to give ya my kitty. so we took her. i told her we were going to name her razzy. my granddaughter took off & went under the table. i didn't know what to think so i ask my daughter in law where randi went. she said under the table. she was crying so i got under the table & ask her if it was still ok if i took her kitty. she wasn't crying cause of us taking her, she was afraid she wouldn't remember her new name...lol. i told her ya know your daddy, mommy or u didn't know your name for a while. well then she was ok. she loves watching razzy grow. i gave her a thanks ya card for giving us her pretty little kitty. we've had her a little over 2 months & love her death. she is 6 months old. we got her declawed last month & spayed yesterday. i have a question about that , but will start a new thread so more might know what to tell me. thanks for listening to me. nice to meet u all.
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Enjoy the site and all the wonderful people here!
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted
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hehe, already am. i haven't had a cat for 18 years so it's all new to me again. one thing i like about cats is ya don't have to take them out or give them a bath. razzy sure does help with the pain of losing our taco. ya all have a great day.
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So glad you've joined us!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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I take mine for walks and give them baths, no wonder they act like dogs
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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