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she prefers kitten milk over water

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Ok, the vet said 2 months ago to give LuckyGirl some kitten milk for extra vitamins because she was under weight. And now I think I've created a monster... I started only giving her a small amt at breakfast and dinner with her wet food. She LOVES it btw. So I noticed she wasn't really drinking any water. So I cut back on the milk, giving it to her only with breakfast. And I still don't know that she's drinking any water. I swear the level doesn't go down, and if it does it could be evaporation. But if I don't give her the milk in the morning she freaks out Meowing at the fridge and then the pantry until I give it to her, she follows and trips me (this must be a predatory maneuver ) until I go to the kitchen and give her her milk! So what do I do? Keep giving her the milk? Or try to force her hand and make her drink only the water? Thanks for the tips!!!

let me also add, that she could be drinking it while I am work for 7 hours a day, but I don't see her drinking in the evening. Also, she has been to the vet and is healthy. I think she is just being picky...holding out for the good stuff.
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Quit feeding the milk. Odds are she drinks water... cats really don't drink a lot. I rarely see my cat drinking.

If you feed her wet food then you don't really even have to worry about it because wet food is so... wet lol.
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You can probably dilute the milk with water (1 part milk, 1 part water)

A money saving forum I belonged to once had a person who proclaimed that you can dilute a gallon of whole milk with a gallon of water and then add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar. The result tastes like skim milk.
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Maybe you could start dilluiting the milk with water more and more each day, until its completely water and no milk?

Just a thought Maybe it will work!
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You ladies are SO smart!!! I don't know why I didn't think of that!

Great idea! I will start doing that tomorrow! Cause seriously, she really gets upset if I don't get the kitten milk out for her... the one day I didn't give it to her, and I swear, when I came home from work 7 hours later, she was still crazily meowing and weaving in between my every step! Back & forth between the fridge and her bowl! I almost kicked her twice cause she was so under foot...

Thanks for the tips!
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