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Talk about getting your paws caught in the cookie jar!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Well,um, see, Mom. uhhh---there were about five or seven of them--ummm-ah trying to steal the paper towels, and I had to stop them them, and um, I grabbed the towels with my paw, and ummm, I fell down and got hurt----and it really hurt a lot--- and the paper towels fell down on top of me and that really hurt too... and then all those bad people ran out the door and left me on the floor...and then you came in....and, umm...you aren't mad, are you?
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He has such a guilty look on his face!!!!!
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I think he's saying "well, if you didn't want me to play with them, why did you leave them out" LOL
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LOL Leave em out nothing! She jumped up, snagged them off the shelf and had herself a roll!
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And she held still long enough for you to take her picture.
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Great pic Hissy! I can never catch my two "in the act"...they always stop doing something cute when I run to get the camera.
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Cute picture!!! I guess "innocent until proven guilty" won't work now!!! :LOL:
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Great pic!
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That's exactly why I have to keep the toilet paper in the cabinet under the sink, instead of on the roller. Cleo loooves to shred it.

Great pic!
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Honestly mom - I was just cleaning the floor for you. I know that you are sore so I was trying to help. I could reach the sponge, so I thought I would wipe it down with towels!
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I have to say Ripster is not that helpful!
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What a great picture! I think she's trying to use the "but I'm so cute, you can't yell at me" look. (It's working, too!)
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How cute. But mommy my paws were soooooooo sticky. LOL

You should send this to "Bounty" it would make a great commercial.
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