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I Totally Give Up!

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I am so flippin upset!!!! I have been following the advice of all the things to do to make my kitty stop peeing everywhere, ( she actually urinates not sprays) i have removed everything that she has soiled, i spray everything with Feliway twice a day (sometimes more) and i have the electric diffusers as well. She now went on my couch b/c all her spots she slept before are gone ( her beds) so now my cats are finding that sleeping on the couch is an option. They wont sleep any where that i made for them, i took their beds and line with plastic and threw a sheet over it and it seems to make her not want to sleep anywhere she hasnt peed, she likes to sleep in her pee!!!
I am so out of ideas.
Sorry that i am venting, but i have tried all the advice on the boards, i dont want to lock her up and i dont want to lose her, she's my baby
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Have you taken her to a vet to get checked for a UTI?
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I would keep her on her medication and confine her to one room to retrain her to use the litterbox. While you are doing this, SOAK everything she's peed on in an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of any traces of cat urine.

If she goes in the litterbox consistently for 1 week, begin to let her out for short, supervised trips around the house. Each week that is accident free means she can have longer and longer periods free. If she pees somewhere again, then reduce the amount of time she can go free or start the retraining over again.

Also look into factors that may be causing her pee out of stress. Our girl cat did this and she was really upset by a stray mom cat and kittens we took in. About a month of medication, confinement to our office with a feliway diffuser plugged in, and lots of special cuddle time helped her really calm down and she stopped peeing all over the house. So think back to when she started doing this and any changes that may have occured in her life and yours. Also remember to be calm around her. If you're upset, she will know and it's going to stress her out and make the problem worse.

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I think you need to take her to a vet to be tested for a UTI or crystals. You didn't mention if you did that and peeing everywhere is a big symptom.
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As the othes said, urinating outside the box is the most common symptom of a urinary tract infection. The cat typically does not look or act sick and most often you cannot see blood in the urine with the naked eye. So, unless your vet has specifically tested your cat's urine you do not know for sure that her problems are not caused by infection or crystals. Remember that if the behavior is caused by illness, it will not change until the illness is cured.

Have you tried these things that I suggested in your other thread?

• If you use a covered litter box, take off the lid. Many cats refuse to use covered boxes.

• Most cats prefer fine-grained unscented litter. So, try changing litter even if she liked this litter in the past.

• Most cats prefer to poop in a different box than the one in which they pee. So have at least two boxes for one cat.

• If you have more than one cat, make sure you have at least one litter box per cat PLUS one extra box. So, if you have two cats, three litter boxes is ideal. Do not place the boxes right next to each other. Two boxes that are together is the same as just one box in the cat’s mind!

• Make sure you scoop the litter box daily, and with multiple cats, scoop twice daily. Cats often refuse to use dirty boxes. Most of us avoid toilets that are full of pee and poop. Cats are even more fastidious than us humans and certainly have more delicate senses of smell, so of course they do not want to step in a box full of old feces and urine! A clean rug is much more attractive than a dirty box!

• If your litter boxes are old, they may have absorbed odors even if you regularly clean them. So, try buying new boxes.

• Make sure your litter boxes are in a place where the cat feels safe while going potty. If she is disturbed by you or your kids or another cat or dog while she is trying to potty, she will choose to use a safer location. So, move the litter box to a location where she can see the comings and goings of the other people and animals in the house. You can set up the box in the corner of a room, then surround the box with nice house plants. It will be attractive and open enough for the cat to feel safe!

• Put a litter box on each level (floor) of the house.

• Make sure you thoroughly clean all old urine spots on the rug and elsewhere. If she can smell the old urine she will think that place is a good place to potty. Use a flourescent black light to find old urine and treat all old spots with an enzymatic cleanser.

• Try putting a plastic carpet runner upside down on the places she likes to urinate....most cats don't like to walk on the "spikes" so they will avoid the covered spots.

• Put something real smelly where she likes to urinate...most cats hate the smell of citrus, so try putting citrus scented air freshener or orange peels or citrus potpourri where she urinates.

• According to Cat Behaviorist Amy Shojai- if your cat is peeing on personal items the cat is probably stressed out over something. Urinating on some object that holds your scent is calming to him. If you can eliminate the stressor, chances are good that the potty problem will end.

• If your cat is standing inside the litter box and aiming outside the box, you simply need a larger box! Try a Rubbermaid under-bed storage container as a litter box instead of the typical small box.
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She has been to the vet twice and checked both times for UTI, she was fine both times! Now as far as the Crystal goes i have no idea if they checked for that, is that automatic????

We have tried to confine her to the laundry room and it lasted one day, my heart was breaking and i let her out.

Okay hubby and i just sat down and had the pep talk, we are doing this tonight and sticking to our guns, we have aroom in the basement we can put her we just have to get it set up and put some stuff away. I have a couple of questions
1 Can i go in a play with her???
2 My other two cats will play with her under the door, is that okay??
3 Do i put the solied couch pillow in there w/ her??? ( afraid she will pee on
on it again.
4 And has anyone ever dies of a broken heart from doing this

I dont have children, my cats are my life, i hope i can stick to this!!! She is very affectionate and hates to sleep without me

Oh one more thing, i give her half a pill ( Amittripyline) 5ml should i give her the entire pill? My vet said to up it when she pees again but i hate the affect this gives her.
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also ordered urine-out and the black light i should get it anyday.

there is nothing new that would stress her out, when i got her she was a kitten she is almost 3 now and she started this about 1 year ago.

She actually sleeps where she has peed??? Go figure that.
I have two males and my pissing blossoms they all get alonf wonderful, they are Tonkinese and are extremely affectionate cats, there never is any fighting. I give her the most attention b/c she requires it, she climbs my leg into my arms and loves to be cradled.
So hard to figure whats stressing her out??
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She has been to the vet twice and checked both times for UTI, she was fine both times! Now as far as the Crystal goes i have no idea if they checked for that, is that automatic????
Most vets will test for crystals as well as for signs of infection. But some don't. There would be a record of a sedimentation test in your cat's file, so you could call and have the receptionist check for you.

1 Can i go in a play with her???
Yes! You do not want to isolate her from human contact. Instead you are wanting to confine her to an area small enough that her only choice of a potty place is the litter box.

2 My other two cats will play with her under the door, is that okay??
Yes, this is fine.

3 Do i put the solied couch pillow in there w/ her??? ( afraid she will pee on on it again.
No! Do not put the pillow in there. If you do, she will get the message that she can chose between the litter box and her pillow to pee on. So, don't put anything in there that she has previously peed upon.

4 And has anyone ever dies of a broken heart from doing this
Aaaw! Bless your heart. I know this is difficult and frustrating. You are a good soul for being willing to work so hard to make things better. Don't worry....confining your cat won't psychologically damage her. So, she and you will be okay!
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I would spends as much time as you can with her when she's confined, though we saw that the medication made our cat so dopey, she was content to sit in her snuggle bed under the heat vent and veg out all day.

Our other cat spent the night in there with her as long as he wasn't pestering her. (if you think your cats are a part of her stress, chasing her, harassing her, etc. then I would give her a break and give them limited play times together.

Like lotsocats said, don't put the pillow in there. Her only really option for peeing needs to be two litterboxes that are cleaned often. You may even want to consider getting new boxes.

Think very carefully about her life, her routine, your life, your routine, etc. Do you have new neighbors with a big loud dog, or do stray cats come into your yard and spray your house or taunt your cats through the window? Even though your cats all get along very well, do the other two chase her from the litterbox or ambush her when she's in there "taking care of business"?

Cats don't just stop using the litter box, there is always a reason. It just takes some deep thinking! Look at it this way, her peeing out of the box is her way to say "Meowmy! I'm pissed off (joke intended) about something! Fix it!"

Our cat would pee almost exclusivly on my fiancé's items as she's bonded to him. She wasn't trying to make him angry or to spite him, she was telling the person she loves most that she's upset and he needs to fix it!

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thanks, sorry more i have more questions, the time is near we are going to do this tonight.

I saw that u said put her in a small room, i was going to put her in my room in the basement that is a small bedroom size, do i need a smaller room????

how does blossom know why she is in there?? What i mean is will she understand why i am isolating her??

Do i give her a bed and do i spray feliway on it?

i know there are more questios i just can think i am frantic, i may need sponser support!
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She only pees in spots that she sleeps in.

my other cats dont pester her, she is the bully and she pesters and chases them, she thinks she is the ruler, ( typical girl??) the boys are ood to her, i see no stress.

I did introduce wetfood to them, my cats are very finicky eaters just they wont eat treats so i give them a can of fancy feast a day for a treat, this started probably about a year ago?? Can food do this???
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okay sorry my brain is all over the place here, i go into the basement to get things ready and comfy for her move and low and behold there is a bunny at the basement slider, his paws were actually up against the door like he was looking in, can this make her territorial a bunny??? ( it was cute lol) anyways hubby blocked access so she cant see out, also my hubby pointed out a cat in the yard, hmmmm.

Can this be the babiies problem
also she carries around 2 beanie babies ( shes very strange) she acutally chews them and makes beleive they are her babies, she brings them to the food bowls every morning and then to bed ( its the cutest thing ever) is this wrong behavior?? Shold i leave her w/ the toy babies???
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okay, I might have missed it, but is Blossom spayed? I'm guessing so, with 2 males in the house, but if not, this could be a reason maybe?
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Originally Posted by My3Tonks
Can this be the babiies problem
also she carries around 2 beanie babies ( shes very strange) she acutally chews them and makes beleive they are her babies, she brings them to the food bowls every morning and then to bed ( its the cutest thing ever) is this wrong behavior?? Shold i leave her w/ the toy babies???
My Ginger has a beanie baby kitty that she carries all over the house and bites and tussles with - I don't think that a toy could possibly cause an issue like this at all.
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okay 1st night i made it through but have been sad!!
I have been spending lots of time in the basement with her, so far a entire night and all day and no pee or poop in box or anywhere else!!

Isit normal not to pee all day??? i never noticed before with the other two cats who can keep track???

Yes she is spayed and i called my breeder last night and told her the way she acts with the beanies, although it is cute it is not normal behavior.
My Blossom literaly licks them, carries them, rips them apart, leaves them at the food dish with there noses in, then brings them to bed and back to food bowl in the morning. Which makes my breeder feel that this can be hormonal b/c she is acting very maternal?????????
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It sounds like you are doing everything you can. I wouldn't worry about the beanie baby behaviour. My Lucky carries around a stuffed moose (by the crotch...poor moosie!) and brings him to me to take care of when she wants to go play, and brings him to bed with her.

Be patient, this takes time. If you are in the room with Blossom when she uses the litter box, praise her when she's finished. I would definitely agree to start with all new boxes just in case she associates the ones you have with something bad (i.e pain from UTI etc)

Sending good vibes for you and Blossom (come on blossom..use that litter box!)
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okay i came home and there was pee and poop in her new box w/ same litter. i had a another new box w/ new litter and she chose the old, so i wanna say its not the litter??????

I got the black light and it really is hard to detect stuff, i even went to a know soiled area??

BTW going to see vet friday night for another urinalysis
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