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On a mission

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Awhile back I posted that a pregnant feral cat had her kittens somewhere on the property but I couldn't find them...well today my husband said there were 3 kittens in the yard...I went out and there they were...they look to be about 8 weeks old...I'm bad at guessing ages.
As soon as they saw me they took off running and went into the brush which is very dense and I could not find them.

My stepson is keeping an eye out for me and will try to catch them if he can. I put food out near where they are hiding...I really want to catch them and put them in the cage inside so I can get them tamed down, so that I can get them fixed when they are old enough, because otherwise they will keep breeding and I will soon have a farm full of ferals everywhere.
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Debby do you know anyone that would come out and trap these kitties? If I was close enough, I would be happy to come over and put out my kitty traps and capture them for you. The flood never stops does it?

If there is a hollowed out log on your property, you can try putting the food inside the log and blocking one end. When the kittens run in to eat you can go over and block the other end, but you would have to let them eat out of the log for a few days to get comfortable with it. You can also use some large pipe if a log isn't available. Once they are trapped inside, set a carrier on one end, lift the tube, and slide the kittens into the carrier. That is what I would look at anyway. Good luck with these latest newcomers. I do not envy you! How are you feeling these days anyway?
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Debby - when I was trying to make friends with Goldie's first 2 litters, I bought a feather on a pole at the $ store - they could not resist it. I played with them and shooshed it around. I had an open big carrier on the porch with me when I did this, and swooshed the feather in and out of that too. It took a few days of playing this game. but Before you know it, they could not resist and bingo bango the door was closed. They were NOT happy about it at first - but success!
Good luck with your adventures in kitty capturing. You may need to practice that old Hissy Grab!
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Good luck with catching the little guys. Hopefully they will turn into suckers very quick so it makes it easier for you.
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Thanks for the advice...Hissy, I will look around for a hollow log, but the problem there is that I am afraid the other cats will go in and eat the food before the kittens find it. I can try it though, but I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I wouldn't know when they were in it. Thanks for asking how I am feeling. I'm okay at home, but once I get to work, and am on my feet all day in 90+ degrees all day, I don't feel very good. My feet were swollen yesterday really bad. I dread tomorrow.
Deb...the feather idea is good also, but they won't come near enough to me yet to even try that one.
Hubby tells me everytime he sees them anywhere near the house, and I go flying out there, and I try to sneak up behind them, but they are just to fast for me.
I will just keep trying, though....my stepson had ahold of one of them yesterday, but he said it scratched him so he had to let it go.
There is also a grain bin they like to run into, and I can't get into it, because the is a grain dryer attached to it...and my brother was telling me last night he needs to use the grain dryer....I told him to please hold off on that a few days...as there is a fan on it, and the kittens would be sliced to bits if they tried to run into it then and didn't see the fan. There is a space at the bottom of the fan where it needs to be fixed, that they are crawling into, and he can fix that, now that we know it is there, but only if he knows for sure the kittens aren't already in it....which is difficult when he is only here a couple times a day. He can't let a whole grain full of corn go bad, so he will have to use it soon.
I am hoping I can either catch them, or see that they aren't in it when he is here, so he can fix the hole. Even if he took the dryer off the bin, the space is too small for anyone to crawl into to look for kittens.
I don't know anyone who could trap these kittens for me either.
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Just wanted to add...Hissy...how are YOU feeling lately? I hope you are getting stronger and healthier every day now!!! *hugs*
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