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Has anyone used that movie theater ticket

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program on line where you buy your tickets beforehand? Is that viable to use? Do you have to stand in long lines once you get to the theater or go right through? Thanks!
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I have never tried that, but it sounds like a good idea...maybe someone here has done this. I would also be interested in knowing.
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A few years back I did it ...... It was at Harkins and if I recall, you just go to the guest services counter and tell them you bought tickets. I don't think you need to stand in the regular line to buy tickets. The new Harkins by the new mall even has a little machine where you can purchase tickets from, too, instead of waiting in lines!
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In the UK you can phone up and buy your cinema tickets through an automated call, and when you get to the cinema you just pop your bank card into a machine which prints out the tickets - no queueing. Unfortunately the phone call takes about 15 minutes to go through all the options........at a premium rate call.
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You're talking about that Fandango thing, right? I used it to buy tickets to Attack of the Clones, it was really easy. I didn't wait in line because I picked the tickets up a few days in advance. Sometimes you do have to wait, but at least you know it won't be sold out.

The only drawback is a surcharge per ticket. You have to pay for convenience, I suppose.
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Yup I use it quite often, and I find that the little extra charge (only a matter of pence here)is worth it. I book the tickets online, then you get a confirmation email. When you get to the theatre/cinema we have a machine so you just swipe your card that you paid with online throught the machine and it dispenses your tickets - so you don't have to que up or wait to be served. I love it! (Especially when you turn up and the que is already halfway down the street.... and you can just walk straight past... heh heh heh )
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We've used it a few times, and it is really convenient. Depending on the theater you go to they either have the little machine where you swipe your card or a special line (usually qute short ) for those who bought tickets beforehand.
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I haven't bought tickets that way, but it sounds like a good idea and that way you're sure to get a ticket, even if its sold out. Sometimes we just use the credit card machine when we get there, so we don't have to wait in line. It saves a lot of time.
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A friend of mine in NYC uses the phone service pretty often, is this like that? They find it very convenient, saves standing on the sidewalk at night!
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