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White hairs

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Not sure where to put this...If its in the wrong place, sorry!

I recently took in a feral kitten. She is about 8 weeks old and all black with just a few white hairs spaced out over her body. There aren't any in one particular concentration, just spred out. I was wondering if she'll always lok like this or if eventually she'll become spotted. Mom was brown, black, and orange. Dad was either an orange and white cat or a tuxedo. One other kitten was orange and two others looked like mom. So, do you guys think I'll have an all black kitty or will more white come in as time goes by?
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Because one parent does have white on them (they are carrying the white spotting gene) you'll have a few stray white hairs in the coat. But they won't form any spots or more as they get older.

Ling has white paws/belly and a bit on her chest. And two white dots on near her nose. She also has a few strands of white hairs on her face. Mom was a tortie/white.

The stray white hairs have not increased since she was born. She's a year old now.

You would consider your little kitten as a "black" - not a black/white
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Thanks! I was hoping she would stay all black.
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Smithem....if you have a feral cat colony that has not been attended to and is having kittens, there are several organizations in Virginia that help with TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) to stabilize cat colonies. Please visit this site and contact the groups that are closest to you:


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