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Babies Today, I think

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Lexus is spot-on day 64 today and is showing a little tiny bit of bloody discharge. She is vocalizing more so than usual and is sticking very close to me. I think babies will come today.

I have been keeping a bit of a journal over on the Breeder's Corner Forum if anyone is interested:

I am very excited -- I have been waiting to meet these little guys for a long time!!
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Congrats Gaye.

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I've been following your thread, and have been looking forward to this myself. Good luck to you both

Pictures please when you can
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I have been following your thread in the breeders corner and I'm so excited for you. Congrats!!!!
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i am also a follower yay! i hope it is today Gaye! good luck!
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Oh, how exciting! Are these going to be Siamese kittens?
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Oh how exciting. Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery.

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Yes, they will be little Siamese, in bouncing baby blue points or silly baby seal points. *grin*
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I hope she has a smooth delivery and healthy babies
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Good luck, I've been reading that other thread as well and I can't wait to hear about the arrival of her babies!

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Good luck! I can't wait to hear all about it!
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GOOD LUCK!!! Can't wait for pics!!!
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YAY!!! Vibes and prayers for a good delivery, and that the kittens are healthy and happy! Good luck!
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ooohh...the anticipation is killing me! can't wait to see the little babies!!!!!
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Is there babies yet...
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There be babies! There is an update in my Breeder's Chronicle thread in the Breeder's Corner Forum.
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Woo-hoo!! Baby kitties!!!
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