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Oh I am so sorry to hear that news. He was a beautiful boy and much loved.
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Goodness it's been a year already!
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I know how difficult it is.
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Thinking of you.
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Oh my what a handsome fella he is

Very sad day and also a time to remember the good times and the love he brought into your lives Bless the sweet boy
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What a beautiful, serene, majestic boy. My thoughts are with you and your Dad, Stephanie.

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Caleb was such a beautiful cat, Stephanie.
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Caleb is so gorgeous Stephanie, My thoughts are with you
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My precious Caleb Boy, today has been a very painful day as I've once again honored the day you left this world. I know you're in Heaven now, and oh so happy with your own personal coffee maker and fields of flowers where you can bask in the sun. In my own human selfishness, though, this doesn't ease the deep pain that remains in the empty space in my heart. What I would do to bring you back, if I could just hold you one more time. I love you, Caleb, and miss you so incredibly much.
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Caleb...forever with you in your heart Stephanie.
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Stephanie, I have never seen this thread before.

I went back & read the original post & was struck by how much Caleb looks like "my" (sharky's) PJ, right down to the kink on his tail.

Caleb is free & happy over the Rainbow Bridge, wishing you to not shed so many tears for him, he loved his freedom so much & now he has it.
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oh stephanie. i'm so sorry for your loss
may caleb R.I.P.
Sierra and Serenity please look
after your mommy.
she needs you more then ever,

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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Stephanie, I have never seen this thread before.
i know it's been 2 years, but it's been over 3 since i lost Mouse, & i still miss her... just not as frequently.
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what a beautiful boy he was and in your tribute you let everyone know how much you love him and thats amazing.

He was lucky to get a family like yours since you all loved him like the brother/son/friend/companion he was

I'm sorry for your loss but he is across the bridge playing with the other little cats that will love him just as much

RIP caleb
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Stephanie I am so sorry that you ever had to experience this. Sending so many healing prayers your way. You are one of those cat Moms who loves deep and truly takes care of your babies, I wish you didnt have to go through this. Many many hugs for you
Beautiful sweet precious Caleb will always remain in your heart until you see him again
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I hope with each anniversary of his passing your heart heals a bit more and your memories grow fonder
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Will be 2 months that has passed with Mamma Kitty gone. After 16 years with her at myside. She was my tuddie, she had catatude. I miss her every day. My DH, had her cremated and put in a special box, and she lives on in our hearts & on the shelf.....
God Bless all of the little kitty cats.
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Stephanie, I haven't been around much so I'm just catching up, and I am SO sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every loss hurts - but some more than others - and Caleb was a beatiful and obviously a very special kitty.

He'll live on in your heart to help heal the pain, and I'm sure he's playing happily over the bridge, and will be just as you remember him when you join him there.

I'm sending lots of comfort vibes.

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i have just read the whole thread and it brought tears to my eyes to read your beautiful tribute and the kind, caring words of all the posters.

caleb looks so much like my beloved boy, who i lost last october. i feel your pain and loss and wish i could say something to help.

he was your boy and he loved you, never lose sight of that remarkable relationship. cats are essentially free spirits and i am in awe of how they nurture and cherish us as much as we do them. your bond with caleb will never be broken.
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Very sorry for the loss of your kitty. He looks alot like my kitty (except mine is alot bigger and ALOT fatter.)

He had a very sweet looking face. RIP
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What a touching story, and gorgeous boy. It is always so hard Especially when it is so unexpected.

RIP Caleb, you beautiful boy. You were so very, very loved.
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Aww bless little Caleb. He's such a handsome boy.

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What can I say, words just don't do justice. Caleb held such a special place in his home and the hearts of his beloved family. Cherish the good memories my friend and hopefully those lovely memories will replace the sadness
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I am so sorry you can see from the pictures that he was a special boy.

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I'm so sorry about Caleb. There is no pain greater than having your little love taken away from you and nothing other than time can make it better. Caleb must have left a hole in your heart, but think how wonderful it was to have had him fill it in the first place. Just think, when you go to heaven he will be there waiting for you and will be able to hold him again forever. He won't want you to be sad in the meantime xx
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my deep condolences after a Mounth without Caleb...
RIP to him....
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