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Questions about a breed

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I do not know breeds of cats very well at all. I was just wondering if there was a breed that had an extra long tail??? My cats' tail is as long as his body and very animated. It is so funny how long it is.
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As far as I know there is no breed who's "feature" is an extra long tail. I do know of cats that have longer tails - many oriental types or cornish rex are some of them.

I had a mixed breed who measured almost 3 feet long from nose to tail and almost 1/2 of that was the tail.
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That is how my black cat is. His name is Boo.
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Haha, you guys have to see how long my mom's cat "Penny's" tail is, she is black and white.
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In the ragdolll breed a cats tail has to be equal to the length of the torso from the rump.
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Also the European cat should have long tails.

Our two russian boys have long ones, a little over 30 cm (over a feet). Exactly how long I dont know, I dont want to make them incomort if I really dont need to. But they are long. (not ALL russians has that long - but many)
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