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Who says cats are dumb?

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Never doubt the intelligence of your pets.

``Our cat, Klaus, was displeased when we switched him from mushy canned food to dry food,'' said Nancy Kelem of Los Altos Hills.

``We put his food in a two-part food/water dish and were impressed when he began to move pieces of dry kibble into the water. He quickly learned that putting kibble pieces into the water made them much more palatable'' -- and more like the mushy can food he loved.

``A few weeks after this, we noticed some new objects in the water side of his dish. Klaus apparently had come across some bits of wire in my husband's upstairs workshop. Finding them inedible, he remembered his new way of making things yummy, brought the bits of wire downstairs and dumped them into his water dish!

``This gave us even more respect for Klaus' resourcefulness.''
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with really bad teeth. He used to carry his food down to the creek and wash it in the stream. LOL Only problem was, the current whisked the food away. I just ended up feeding him wet food till he passed over the bridge. He was an old guy who had the world beat the snot out of him. But while he was here, he lived!
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Cats really ARE smart! If Merlin wants out, and noone is paying attention to his whining, he will jump up and wrap both front paws around the doornob....he knows somehow this is the key to opening the door. :LOL:
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Snowball does so many things that show how smart he is that it's hard to pick out specific examples. Sometimes we don't give our little pets enough credit.
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Brian and I had boughten Xavier a leather spiked collar that was made for a very small dog like a Yorkie. Since it didn't have a safety release we only put it on him when we could keep an eye on him. He looked adorable in it but he hated it.

One day when Xavier was wearing the collar he disapeared. After a little while of looking for him we finally found him but the collar wasn't on him. We were puzzled on where it had gone to and throughly checked the area where he was in but it was no where to be found. A week or so passed and we still hadn't found the collar untill one day I was moving the kitchen table chairs to vacuum underneath the table(You can see that we really don't eat in the dining room much hmm?) and there it was....

The strange part was the buckle was undone and somehow he had got the buckle undone.... If you had seen this collar you'd know that it would have taken quite a bit of effort to undo it and the buckle had been properly set.....
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Yes, cats are very intelligent. Mine sometimes come to check on me in the morning if the alarm goes off and I don't get out of bed. They know when they get fed.:tounge2:
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I have seen to many collar accidents to keep collars on kitties. Same goes with horses in pastures with halters on. No way, no how. If I had to put a collar on my cat, it would be a breakaway collar so that no accidents would happen. What I have seen, I will keep my own counsel on as I don't want people to think I am flaming them for wanting collars on cats. Just be careful and make sure the collar is not so tight that the cat ends up being injured. Even inside the house, cats can get into trouble wearing collars.
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We stopped making him wear the collar after he unbuckled it. lol He put enough effort into taking it off, it's only fair. It was also kept so lose that if it was snagged on something he would have been able to back out of it. Besides when I said we only made him wear it when we were able to keep an eye on him I meant he ONLY wore it in our presence and only for maybe a half hour at the most, so when he vanished from sight it was a big ordeal since Xavier is always at your side.

My cats normally do not wear collars anyhow. I don't see much point in it but the collar in question was used for photo ops and play time.
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