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Adopted Stray Got Out!!

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Hi all...I have a question. I currently am owned by two kitties - Oreo and Jam...Oreo is really pregnant, and Jam got neutered last week. They were both strays that I took in - Jam was dropped off at my work and has always been quite leery of people. However, I finally caught him one day and brought him home. He was a little traumatized by the move, but settled in quite nicely. He has always stayed a little skittish - he really only trusts me, but that might be because there are three little boys running around the house. Anyway, they have both been doing fine...

However, last night when we got home, Jam got outside. My kids were playing outside and held the door open just a little too long, and now he is gone. I put food outside last night, hoping to lure him back, but I haven't seen him at all, and the food doesn't appear to have been touched...

I'm really worried about him...I have woods behind my house, and I have seen coyotes and such back there. I don't want him to get hurt!! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lure him back home?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give!! I needed to keep him separated from Oreo (soon-to-be Momma), but I didn't want him to leave!!
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You must be so worried! Please go to http://www.lost-pets.org/ and follow the suggestions carefully. And, keep in mind that the best time to find a lost cat is in the early morning hours (4:00 a.m.) rather than during the day time.

Good luck finding your wayward boy!
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some comfort is he is used to manage outside. And it is summer now.

Only drawback he has probably cut his claws some now...
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