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Help with new kitten - he stinks!!

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We adopted a kitten on Sunday from a local shelter. They were feeding him dry kitten chow and a wet food (not sure which kind). His stool was fine for the first day. I continued to give him the dry kitten chow, but added a little Iams kitten food (wet). Today his stool is much more loose and he is passing alot of gas. I did some searches on this board for those two symptoms and I am reading alot about worms and parasites, so now I am getting nervous. He was dewormed at the shelter, but could it be possible that he still has them?
Or could it be from the Iams kitten food??

I have an appoointment with the vet on Friday.

Thanks for the help,

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First fo all congrats on your new baby!!

Adding switching food can do a number on a kittens stomach and cause diarreah - his system is not used to it and needs time to adjust.

If it does not get better in a weeks time IAMS is probably not the best choice for him.

No matter bring it up at your Vet appointment - in the mean time just keep an eye on him.
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The same thing happened to our new kitten. I had him checked at the vet and he was fine. The vet told us to change food we went from kitten chow to Iams and the problem was sloved for us.
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Congrats on getting your new baby!!
When I was caring for a couple of kittens 2 summers ago, the wet Iams gave them bad diarreha, I switched them to Nutro kitten wet food and they were back to "normal" in a few days.

Hope your baby checks out ok at the vet.
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I think its a combo of the worms and cheaper foods. I feed Iams (wet/dry) and have never had a cat that was stinky. Usually its caused by poor quality food or worms.

He may be in the process of getting rid of the worms. If it doesn't clear up in a few days - get the kitten to your vet for a check up.
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My Zoey has a small odor ... vet says it is due to eating dry food
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