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my pregnant? girl

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no I really do believe she is preg. but man she is so TINY that sometimes I really wonder. these were also posted in the preg. cat and kitten forums.

here are some of her from around 6 weeks (just before 6 weeks). some you can see she LOOKS preg. others she doesn't look it at all. She was a small cat to begin with but I am really thinking only 1 or 2 kits for her. She is due in approx 3 weeks.

the first group she doesn't look preg in.

ok these you can "sort of" tell (but she still looks tiny)

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A visit to the vets would see if she was pregnant or not?. How old is she?
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Rosie--- she is 2 yrs old. I took her to the vets about 1 1/2 weeks ago (around 4 weeks- 4 1/2 weeks preg) and the vet wasn't sure if she was or wasn't. At that time her nipples were bigger, she had a teeny bulge but the vet didn't think she felt anything and said there may only be 1 or 2 kittens in there. Since then she has gotten bigger, her nipples have gotten even bigger than they were and she now moves around like she is preg.

She got out in heat 6 weeks ago today. She was gone for 6 days (it was a horrible 6 days waiting for her and looking for her). She hasn't had a heat since and normally goes into heat every 3 weeks or so..........

(and yes after this litter she WILL be spayed. money was an issue and she was an indoor kitty only so didn't feel it was a rush to get it done. Then my 3 yr old let her out 6 weeks ago).
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Pregnant or not, she's a cutie!
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I like the one that looks like she is on her knees... Hi Angel..
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Jenny---- Haahaaa she looks so funny in that one! Looks like she has NO back legs! LOL
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