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Burmilla Kittens

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There are some burmilla kitten's for sale in a local newspaper, and until now me and my mum had never heard of that breed.
I have looked in some of my cat books to see what they are like etc. and my mum wants to know the sort of price you would usually pay for one. Does anyone know?

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I can't tell you how much you would pay for a burmilla cat but I'd be very wary of buying one advetised in a local paper. Is it a breeder advertising or someone advertising a specific cat for sale? If the latter I'd be careful - if it doesn't have papers are you sure it's actually a burmilla? Without papers I wouldn't expect someone to charge more than they would for a moggy. Of course it may be a lovely cat in need of a good home irrespective of whether it has papers, is or isn't an actual burmilla etc. but be careful.
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I've seen pictures of them in cat books but never one in the flesh. I think they are crosses between burmese and a chinchilla type of british shorthair - you have the coloring of a chinchilla or shaded silver but more of a burmese cat look.

I have no clue as to prices, sorry. What are they asking?
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I'm so confused...is a Burmilla also a Tiffanie or are they different breeds?

I can't help you with pricing Lulu as CFA is the only active registry in my neck of the woods...
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
I have no clue as to prices, sorry. What are they asking?
It doesn't have a price on it. That was why I was asking because my mum doesn't want to pay loads for a cat. lol

How much would you pay for a moggy? There are two for sale near me which are £50 each. Is that too much for a moggy?
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Burmillas ARE a breed, just not a popular one. Before I would consider buying one, I'd want to know more about the person and see the cats. If its a legit pedigree and responsible breeder then you can expect to pay several hundred dollars for a pet. If its a backyard breeder - don't even consider buying a cat from them!

And no a Tiffany is a longhair burmese - not the same as a Burmilla.
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This is a burmilla. Beautiful cats.


£50 sounds about right for a moggy (I'd expect to pay anything from about £20 to £100 depending on whether it had been vaccinated etc. and whether it came from a shelter or private individual). If you're interested I'd go for it but make sure you go and see the kittens before deciding and make sure they seem ok. If they don't have papers, pedigree certificate etc don't take their word for it that it's a burmilla. I'm just sceptical because reputable breeders don't normally advertise in newspapers. It may be a kitten farm or someone trying to get more money for the kittens by saying they are burmillas.
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