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wishes, thoughts, prayers needed!

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My sister in law (and BFF Elisa) is pregnant, only 2 weeks, and they think she is gonna miscarry. She is very upset and is not handling it well. She wasn't trying to get pregnant but still feels like she could be losing her 2nd child. They are waiting till Tuesday to see if the embryo attaches to her uterus. Please keep her in your thoughts/prayers...

This morning I just found out my older sister Kimmy is pregnant (3 weeks). I am very happy for her. She has had so many womenly problems that prevented her from even trying for awhile, then her husband was laid off for a long time and couldn't find another job... she has been actively trying for a while though. She has had numerous cysts on her ovaries and is a high please keep her in your thoughts/prayers as well...
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*sending lots of baby vibes*
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I am also sending good vibes and prayers.
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A good friend of mine miscarried and I know how devestating it can be. Your SIL has my prayers.
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Many thoughts and prayers to your family.
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I'll be praying for both of them.
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Sending & positive thoughts to you & your family
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Sending your sisters Prayers and Hugs.
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Many hugs and vibes sent to you all!! I hope everything works out for them. Keep us posted,please!
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Sending lots of healthy baby vibes...It would horrible for her to miscarry, I pray that she doesn't.
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Hi guys, I wanted to keep you all posted on my sisters...

My 1 sister Kimmy was spotting a little so she went to the dr. It seems nothing is wrong, but she has to be very careful, as spotting is never good. The obgyn confirmed that she is 6 weeks pregnant!

My SIL Elisa has her obgyn appt tomorrow. They will be doing an ultra sound to see if the embryo attached to her uterus. If it hasn't attached yet, she will miscarry. If it has attached she will be on meds to get her progesterin levels up.

Please send happy thoughts & wishes for my sisters! Thanks!
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I'm sending all the good vibes I can muster her way!!
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Heather, tons of good vibes coming from me!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Tons of baby vibes from me!!!
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Hi Everyone!!!

I thought I'd update you guys on my sisters conditions....

My SIL Elisa went to get the ultrasound and found great news!!! The baby they "knew" wasn't going to make it, has attached to her uterus!!! She is 5 1/2 wks pregnant and everything looks great. There is now only a 10% chance of miscarriage... The dr said it's a miracle!!!

My sis Kimmy was spotting a bit, and went to the Dr. He said everything looks good, although spotting is never good... so she is on desk duty (she's a nurse) and bed rest once she gets home. At least for the next couple of weeks!

Thank you for all of you warm positive thoughts & prayers!!!
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That's fantastic news! Sending all the best wishes I can from Denmark
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Sending many good vibes and prayers.
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Oh, that sounds so familiar! When I was preggers for my first ds, I started spotting at about 6-8 weeks. Evidently the placenta was over the opening of the uterus. And they did an ultrasound, finding cysts, some of which were larger than him!

When I had told my then dh I thought I was preggers, he said he had been considering asking for a divorce. So I had been very ambivalent about the pregnancy, but once I saw the baby on ultrasound I fell totally in love! I cried some tears in worry I would lose the baby, but after the first months, the rest of the pregnancy and delivery were uneventful. And now he is 17 and a big strapping boy!

Then my last pregnancy, I needed progesterone supplementation to carry him to term, and he is a healthy, bright 6 y/o now.

Let them know my thoughts and prayers are with them. The worries of possibly miscarrying a pregnancy are so difficult, but I pray that soon they will both have healthy babies to make it all worth while!
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Then my last pregnancy, I needed progesterone supplementation to carry him to term, and he is a healthy, bright 6 y/o now.
This is what they may have to do with my SIL, as her levels were just barely pregnant. They just knew she would miscarry, and that it wouldn't attach. But they were wrong!!!! So if her levels of progersterone plateau the dr will be giving her supplements now that the embryo has attached! Thanks for the warm thoughts!

PS...all these neices & am I going to afford x-mas???
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update: not so good news....

My sister Kimmy lost her baby on Friday. I have only recently been able to talk about it much without crying... she is really very upset. And it is just so heartbreaking that people can have babies and throw them away, and someone who wants one so badly has to go through the experience of losing one... please try to keep her in your thoughts.

My SIL Elisa just got a phone call from the dr yesterday, after hearing the heartbeat, her progesterone levels dropped from an 18 to an 11. So now she has to get this prgesterone gel to get her levels up. It is $250 for an 8 day supply, and her insurance won't pay for it. She will need to take it for most of the 1st trimester. So she is battling the insurance company to get reimbursed, they had to put it on a credit card. Please try to remember her in your thoughts, as we are all already attached to this tiny baby....

Thanks everyone....
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Ohhh, I'm so sorry Heather!
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